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On November 5th 2018, Ethereum Classic Dev Team member Donald McIntyre spoke with Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea in order to address the status-quo and future of ETC. A long-time member of the Ethereum community himself, Mr.
On October 16th 2018, Jameson Lopp has agreed to do an exclusive interview with Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea. The hour-long discussion, which has been published and transcribed in its entirety, contains plenty of brilliant moments where the cypherpunk approaches intricate topics and provides his knowledgeable expertise.
In his exclusive interview with Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea, Italian Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco has been very talkative and open about his beliefs. He took his time to explain his vision for The B Foundation, he provided precious details about his personal definition of Bitcoin maximalism, and was even kind enough to rank the top […] The post Giacomo Zucco Exclusive Interview (Complete and Uncut) appeared first on Crypto Insider.
Allen Piscitello, Blockstream’s Director of Product Management whose main professional focus has been on the Liquid Network, has agreed to answer to a few of Vlad Costea’s questions. This interview is part of Crypto Insider’s celebration of Bitcoin’s tenth anniversary, as Satoshi Nakamoto has famously published the Bitcoin Whitepaper on October 31st 2008.
On October 23rd 2018, Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco was interviewed by Crypto Insider. During his dialogue with Vlad Costea, he agreed to play a little game in which he rated the top 20 cryptocurrencies on a scale from 1 to 10.
On October 16th 2018, Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea has had the honor and privilege to interview cypherpunk and Bitcoin advocate Jameson Lopp. The discussion is about 63 minutes long and covers topics such as Bitcoin’s security and scalability, the limitations of Bitcoin Cash and on-chain scaling, Litecoin’s promising future, improvement proposals for Bitcoin, Ethereum’s Proof […] The post Jameson Lopp Interview with Vlad Costea appeared first on Crypto Insider.
On October 12th 2018, Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea has interviewed Bitcoin developer and educator Jimmy Song. Below you will find the complete transcript of the interview.
In this exclusive video interview, Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea talks to the mysterious Pied Piper. The masked man is a bona fide CryptoTwitter phenomenon who made a fictional cryptocurrency project become real.
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Zamfir presented a proof-of-concept which highlights the future possibility of seamlessly moving ETH tokens and other messages across a shared blockchain. The post Ethereum Developer Vlad Zamfir Claims to Create a Sharding Prototype appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Ethereum researcher and developer Vlad Zamfir has created the first successful proof-of-concept of second-layer scaling solution Sharding with developers Tim Beiko and John Marling. At ETH Berlin, one of the world’s largest Ethereum hackathons, Zamfir said in an interview with Rachel Rose O’Leary at Coindesk that Ethereum developers will be able to run the proof-of-concept … Continued The post Vlad Zamfir Codes Sharding Prototype, What it Means for Ethereum Scalability appeared first on CCN .
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Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, has shed some light on the on-going efforts to implement Proof of Stake (PoS), starting from the beginning. Much of his statements will be navigable by.
Vlad Tenev, the co-CEO of online investment banking brokerage Robinhood, is taking on cryptocurrency exchanges by doing away with the…Continue reading on Blockstreet HQ ».
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Robinhood, the trading platform, is on a roll, amassing over 4 million users. The company’s co-CEO, Vlad Tenev, said that they are quite happy making no money at all on cryptocurrency trading.
On April 1st, 2018, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin announced a proposal that he now terms a “meta-joke”. In a surprise, Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) Buterin suggested a hard cap for currently uncapped Ether (ETH) of 120 million coins.
Vitalik Buterin’s recent April Fool’s “meta-joke” EIP 960 — a non-suggestion suggestion to cap ether’s supply at ~120 million — was intended to generate debate about whether the improvement proposal was “real” or not.  Ceci n’est pas une pipe, right.
Ethereum users would support adopting a hard fork that renders Ethereum ASIC miners obsolete, a new poll shows. The poll, which was published on Twitter by Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir, asked respondents whether they would support a hard fork that makes ASIC miners incompatible with Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) Ethash mining algorithm.
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Robinhood, will allow you to trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum without any transaction fees beginning February 2018. Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading financial tech (fintech) start up founded by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt.
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Ethereum developer and top Casper researcher Vlad Zamfir just posited on Twitter that ERC20 tokens, the products of the popular Ethereum-based token standard, will make “far better cryptocurrencies” than ether (ETH). Earnest debate has ensued in the community regarding the as-yet determined implications of Zamfir’s suggestion.
Dear Vlad,I hope this message findsyou well. This is Hongji, from Ethfans.
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