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Hada DBank is set to revolutionize the world of banking by fusing the blockchain technology with Islamic Banking Module. The blockchain technology will ensure transparency and security and the Islamic Banking Module will bring highly ethical banking and investment.
GEON Network: Exploring the Limitless Potential Of Location-Based Augmented Reality and Blockchain   Seamus Heaney, an Irish poet, once said “the sense of place is the feeling, assenting, equable marriage between the geographical country and the country of the mind, whether that country of the mind takes its tone unconsciously from a shared oral inherited … Continue reading "GEON Network: Exploring the Limitless Potential Of Location-Based Augmented Reality and Blockchain" The post GEON Network: Exploring the Limitless Potential Of Location-Based Augmented Reality and Blockchain appeared first on Oracle Times. .
The advent of blockchain technology opened up a new world of possibilities for the financial industry. With other industries… The post What is Ravencoin (RVN)? appeared first on Invest In Blockchain.
Cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset class — with this comes great risk, but also incredible rewards for those… The post How Do We Value a Cryptocurrency Project? Exploring the Network Value to Transaction Quantity (NVTQ) Metric appeared first on Invest In Blockchain. .
In a recent interview with Ripple’s Co-founder Brad Garlinghouse, Ross Leckow, an Internation Monetary Fund [IMF] official discussed the Fintech industry and the role of blockchain in it, especially from the perspective of the ASEAN region. He stated that the monetary authority is taking a noticeable interest in the field and seeking guidance from the best in private as […] The post IMF Official to Ripple Co-founder – IMF involved in research, publication on crypto-assets and blockchain appeared first on AMBCrypto.
How are crypto loans helping small-scale farmers in Africa? Block Commodities started their pilot project in Uganda, and they're working towards increasing production through blockchain. The post Blockchain Used To Empower Small-Scale Farmers appeared first on The Blockchain Land.
The newly appointed Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is one of the few “pro-Bitcoin” politicians in the country. The post California: Midterms See Largest US State Elect Pro-Bitcoin Governor appeared first on The Blockchain Land.
Binance announced that they are launching a new service focused on the analysis of various blockchain-based projects, called Binance Research. The post Binance Launches Yet Another Service on Their Platform – Binance Research appeared first on The Blockchain Land.
The MediXserve Company Is Set to Streamline The Healthcare Sector With The Use of Blockchain technology We are venturing into the paperless era, as most of the documentation that we have is being replaced with the paperless method. Several institutions have taken up the whole concept of the digital storage idea.
The Great Lakes Science Center, a large museum and education center in Cleveland, Ohio recently announced that it will start accepting bitcoin (BTC) payments on November 13th. Kirsten Ellenbogen, the president and CEO of Great Lakes Science Center, said the museum decided to accept BTC as payment in order to make positive contributions toward the growth of the innovative blockchain industry.
Online platforms for cryptocurrency exchange are not as well prepared against threats in the ever-evolving cyberspace as they believe themselves. Since 2017, 14 blockchain platforms have been the victim of hacking attacks, leading to a total loss of over 800 million dollars.
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Last week, the legal team for Ripple Labs removed a securities lawsuit relating to the nature of the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple blockchain, XRP, to federal court. The representatives of Ripple argued that the class action lawsuit was initiated by a group of investors with no geographical limitations and as such, the case shouldn’t be handled by a state court.
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One of the biggest museums and educational facilities in the United States, the Great Lakes Science Centre has now begun to accept a new payment method, Bitcoin. The CEO of Great Lakes Science Centre, Kirsten Ellenbogen, said that the institution decided to accept the crypto in order to boost the growth of the local blockchain ecosystem.
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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the country’s stock exchange, Singapore Exchange (SGX), have developed a settlement system for tokenized assets that can work across different blockchains. Announced by the nation’s Ministry of Communications and Information in a press release on Sunday, the newly completed delivery versus payment (DvP) system utilizes smart contracts to […].
DMG Blockchain Solutions has announced that it has started consuming up to 60 megawatts (MW) of electricity at an 85MW substation in western Canada. It will use the substation to power its flagship cryptocurrency mining facility, which is one of the largest such sites in the country by power output.
The Singaporean financial regulator and Singapore Exchange have developed a Delivery versus Payment (DvP) solution with capabilities for tokenized assets settlement. .
A blockchain-driven platform for energy commodity trading, joined by BP, Shell, and Equinor along with large banks, will become fully operational by 2019. Major oil companies BP, Shell, and Equinor have united with large banks and trading houses to launch a blockchain-driven platform Vakt for energy commodity trading.
The Interswitch Blockchain Service solution also familiar as Supply Chain Finance Module is connecting the entrepreneurs, financial institutions with corporate organizations together. This module will link every organization on a single platform basically to offer end-to-end visibility.
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The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) has partnered with global IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with a view […] The post USCCF and Tata partnership to talk up blockchain, new tech appeared first on Multiplier Crypto Business News. .
The year 2018 is the year of blockchain. The success of Bitcoin, boom of ICOs, and wealth of new exchanges is like Pandora’s Box, luring numerous blockchain fans, venture investors,… Continue reading "Less Is More, TAP on the Road to Extreme Simplicity" The post Less Is More, TAP on the Road to Extreme Simplicity appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
The Thai government announced that it has new plans to use blockchain technology. The main intention is to tackle tax fraud and evasion.
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In a blockchain breakthrough, Singapore’s central bank and the country’s primary stock exchange have successfully developed an automated method for rapid settlements of tokenized assets. In an announcement on Sunday, the government of Singapore announced the successful development of a Delivery versus Payment (DvP) mechanism – powered by smart contracts – for settlement of tokenized The post Singapore’s Central Bank, Stock Exchange Settle Tokenised Assets on a Blockchain appeared first on CCN .
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Using any blockchain to create an exchange without central operations doesn’t remove the original creator’s responsibility. This was the warning Robert Cohen, the chief of the SEC’s newly created cyber unit, made in the wake of the charges the U.
Billionaire Mike Novogratz’s crypto investment bank, Galaxy Digital Capital Management, has announced it is repositioning its advisory business from focusing on small ICO advisory and blockchain consulting to instead serve larger, more institutional clients in the space. In a statement on several strategic operational and organizational changes, Mike Novogratz said: “The industry underlying digital assets […].
After a record-breaking, sold out conference in Seoul, Beyond Blocks continues the momentum with a return to where it all started last December –  Bangkok, Thailand. On 26-27 November 2018, Bangkok, Thailand – Beyond Blocks will host Summit Bangkok in the heart of the city at the prestigious InterContinental Bangkok The post Beyond Blocks Bangkok Summit 2018 Highlights & Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week appeared first on ChipIn.
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Blockchain platform leader Kaleido, in collaboration with ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services, is launching the first full-stack platform…Continue reading on Medium ».
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The blockchain start-up has refuted allegations of wrongdoing and said it will initiate legal action against parties that defame the company. The Exit Scam Allegations Stox, a blockchain project whose ICO was promoted by boxer Floyd Mayweather has again been accused of having pulled an exit scam after raising over $33 Million through an ICO.
SINGAPORE Rate3 envisions a future where all forms of assets – including money, stocks, real estate, intellectual property and even an individual’s time – are interchanged seamlessly between application users of various public blockchains. Over the past few decades, global economic trade has almost single-handedly propelled developing economies into significantly higher standards of living.
In-game virtual transactions were one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original visions when creating Bitcoin, but it is the Ethereum blockchain that is really taking that idea to the next level with Decentraland, an open-world VR platform that will allow users to create their own reality. Though Decentraland has still not officially launched, crypto-enthusiasts and real estate […] The post Decentralizing a billion-dollar virtual industry appeared first on Crypto Insider.
This post was originally published here Global professional services giant Accenture has rolled out a new software license management application built with tech from distributed ledger startup Digital Asset. Accenture announced in a press release Monday that the blockchain-based application uses Digital Asset’s smart contract language, DAML, and is aimed to simplify how its software […] The post Accenture Puts Software License Management on a Blockchain Platform appeared first on Crypto Quick News.
This post was originally published here Crimean authorities are considering creating a blockchain-cluster in the form of a cryptocurrency investment fund to attract tech businesses to the territory. The cluster would be located within the special economic zones (SEZ) in Crimea and its largest city Sevastopol, major state-operated Russian news agency TASS reported Nov.
An automated Delivery versus Payment (DvP) platform has been jointly developed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Its purpose is to allow the settlement of tokenized securities across various blockchain platforms.
CoinSpeaker [De]centralized EOS Network Adds Its First Stablecoin CarbonUSD, Debates Unfold Last few days, a screenshot is seen circulating on social media revealing a decentralized blockchain protocol EOS practicing authority over its network. Meanwhile, first stablecoin - CarbonUSD - added to the ecosystem.
A new patent from IBM identifies the need for a blockchain-based science research safeguarding tool. U.
Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin has said that with blockchain, society will move “from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. ” Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin has said that with blockchain, society will move “from a scarcity to an abundance mindset,” in a New York Times (NYT) interview published Nov.
An EOS “arbitrator” used the project’s constitution to manually undo transactions from a phished account, evidence suggests. Blockchain protocol EOS found itself at the center of fresh controversy Nov.
The “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Blockchain Alliance” has been established to promote and develop blockchain technology in China. The “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Blockchain Alliance” has been established to promote synergy and innovation and jointly promote the development of the blockchain technology, China News, the official state-run press agency, reported Nov.
The Crimean authorities are considering the creation of a blockchain-cluster within the special economic zones in Crimea. Crimean authorities are considering creating a blockchain-cluster in the form of a cryptocurrency investment fund to attract tech businesses to the territory.
November 12 2018, Lugano, Switzerland RigoBlock, the decentralized asset management protocol, has announced that it will be holding an ongoing airdrop of the Rigo (GRG) Token to coincide with its upcoming public token sale. The blockchain based project revealed that it had opened its whitelist in October earlier this year.
“Blockchain is growing exponentially: There are hundreds of projects that are already practical for people. And they will enable people to build even more things that will be practical again.
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‘My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is a HTML5 blockchain game built on Ethereum network for smartphones and PC. Here is the quick overviewContinue reading on My Crypto Heroes ».
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