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sponsored Overseas sales for Japanese anime are rising, but revenues for creators are stagnant. A startup is embracing blockchain to help the culture survive and grow.
We traveled to Los Angeles to attend the largest US event for the otaku community. Continue reading on Medium ».
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The worlds of cosplay and cryptocurrency are colliding with the launch of the Cosplay Token, issued by Cure WorldCosplay, the world’s largest cosplay platform. Go to any sci-fi, gaming, pop culture, or anime convention, and you’re sure to see hordes of people wearing costumes of their favorite characters.
We are proud to announce that as of yesterday https://gullyflip. com/ is accepting Bitcoin! Come on over to get your gaming and anime toys, collectibles, and electronics.
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A Japanese entertainment studio has launched the world's first marketplace for anime CryptoArt collectibles powered by blockchain. .
Finding new use cases for blockchain technology will always remain a challenge. For CryptoAnime, it seems the options are rather clear.
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Cure WorldCosplay today announces that Ying Tze, a Cosplayer from Malaysia joins Cosplay Token Project as ambassador today. Who is Ying Tze?Ying Tze, a big fan of anime, manga and game, has been cosplaying since 2005.
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New COT Ambassador is a Cosplayer / Anime Song Diva from Brazil and COT White Paper has been Updated. Cure WorldCosplay announces Isis Vasconcellos as new Cosplay Token Ambassador and COT White Paper and roadmap has been updated today.
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In Crypto market, we are most beneficial, transparent, secure, localized and honest mastercoins. We will do this while specifically appealing to the anime community with exciting features, creating an immediate use-case for the new ANIM coins.
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