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More people every year are accepting Bitcoin in their business, and combining it with your traditional accounting methods can pose some…Continue reading on Medium ».
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The newest innovation from the Samourai developers is txTenna, an app which utilizes the Gotenna Mesh radios to send transactions even…Continue reading on Billfodl ».
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Blockchain is one of the hottest buzzwords out there. Developers are flocking, investment dollars are pouring in, and talk of a disruption…Continue reading on The official Orbs blockchain blog - Cryptic Writings ».
Singapore-based Blockchain Startup, Morpheus Labs announced on a strategic partnership with a recently set up digital currency exchange…Continue reading on Medium ».
Time is money. You hear it all the time.
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Football. The world’s most popular sport.
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ONE SHARE is a token to share success. It will develop the most decentralized DApp voting platform in blockchain, game change on how to…Continue reading on Medium ».
Football is not a game, it is a religion. With each team comes their rabid fan following that has led to countless bar brawls amidst the…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Anyone who holds Bit Beta System (BBS) staking utility tokens (BXB) in an approved wallet will receive their fair share of network profits. Continue reading on Bit Beta Blockchain System (BBS) ».
Additionally called an Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO), is a newest and updated version of IPO. An ICO is a new concept of…Continue reading on Medium ».
A few days ago NEO’s Da Hongfei was interviewed at Web Summit, he had some great responses to many questions but one question in…Continue reading on Medium ».
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With experts predicting that 40% of the US workforce will transform into independent workers by 2027, freelancing is no longer something…Continue reading on Medium ».
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The Indian government is finally planning regulations on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum by next month. The government recently…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Exchanges have seen substantial growth in 2017 and early 2018 with trading volume records literally being set every month. Then…Continue reading on Data Driven Investor ».
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Smart contracts are the self-executing codes used for real-time functionalities in Ethereum blockchain. This may include fund transfer…Continue reading on BlockchainExpert Blog ».
After winning the competitive JUNCTIOnxHanoi challenge, Phạm Minh Tuấn, Vũ Tùng Dương, Lưu Quang Tùng, Lâm Hà Thái, Hoàng Sơn Tùng from…Continue reading on Medium ».
Check out public beta launch of CoinFi Trading Signals www. coinfi.
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Next Tuesday, November 27th, Bloqboard will be at the Consensus: Invest conference in New York. We’re excited to connect with a…Continue reading on The Bloqboard Blog ».
On the 25th, An Joon, co-founder and COO of INFLEUM, attended “Blockchain for Social Impact” hosted by Binance and organized by…Continue reading on infleum ».
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There was more blood on The Street today as stock and commodity investors ran for the exits and into treasuries again. Continue reading on Medium ».
안녕하십니까 블록체인 알려주는 남자 Ryan KIM 입니다. Continue reading on Medium ».
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Now its been a while since I have posted anything of significance in the Crypto space. Much has to do with life’s other priorities which…Continue reading on CRYPT BYTES TECH ».
Versatility, immutability, transparency, security and safety, all these words are synonymous with blockchain. It’s an undeniable fact that…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Are you looking for a perfect platform to start crowdsale? You don’t know how to do crowdsale?Continue reading on Medium ».
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I spoke on a panel about Security Tokens and whether they would disrupt Venture Capital. Continue reading on Evercoin Blog ».
Jason Goldberg joined me in Los Angeles on November 19th for a 5 question interview. Jason commented on the current crypto market and the…Continue reading on ostdotcom ».
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In general, the procedure “Know your customer” is a concept that comes from banking and stock trading, the world of finance. It means that…Continue reading on Medium ».
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I created a new fund within Genesis Vision that effectively acts as a GVT/USDT trading pair. For this fund, asset allocation is 99% Tether…Continue reading on Medium ».
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As an ICO you should not list yourself on ICO Bench, in order to stay away from the trouble. Continue reading on Coinmonks ».
At Tiga, we’re routinely asked why, exactly, Web 3. 0 projects need an advisory like ours.
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How do I get started with dapp (decentralized app) development on Hyperledger Fabric Platform?Continue reading on Hacker Noon ».
Frankl reports from the first international Blockchain for Science Conference in BerlinContinue reading on Frankl Open Science ».
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It doesn’t come at a better time for the Philippines to utilize technology to foster growth and to extend better economic support to…Continue reading on Medium ».
Battling in World of Ether is how you reach levels where you can use stronger types of Etherians. Continue reading on Medium ».
스피너 여러분 안녕하세요 :)Continue reading on SPINProtocol KR ».
Photo by Nick Fewings on UnsplashThe AWS re:Invent conference is coming to Las Vegas the week of November 26–30, and Coinbase is representing! Our incredible Product and Engineering team members will be speaking about site reliability, scaling our blockchain infrastructure, teaching about cryptocurrencies, and co-hosting a Happy Hour with our AWS friends. Come and join us!AWS re:Invent is the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) learning conference in Las Vegas that attracts developers, system administrators, architects, and technical decision makers from all over the cloud computing world.
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During a period of profound change in which so many traditional business models are being disrupted, banks require investment, detailed…Continue reading on Medium ».
Net-lease real estate is one of the more cookie-cutter sectors of the industry for investors. The owner of a net-leased asset essentially…Continue reading on StackSource ».
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A recent PwC survey shows that the financial services industry is seen as a leader in adopting blockchain technology. [1] One area of…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Is the connection to the network above written in the SampleTransfer function as it seems to be seperate?Continue reading on Medium ».
En dos días la capitalización actual del mercado según CoinMarketCpa ha caído más 50 billones, situándonos actualmente en los 146 billones…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Over the past few years we have all seen the hype around ICO`s and the technology opportunities surrounding blockchain. Change indeed…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Pocket Network has been traveling well lately. Our mission is to provide a suite of blockchain agnostic tools, supported by a…Continue reading on Pocket Network ».
The ConsenSys Labs team left Tel Aviv after a week of listening to pitches, meeting entrepreneurs, and diving into the blockchain…Continue reading on ConsenSys Media ».
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What has the below list of songs all got in common?Continue reading on Medium ».
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by Mason Borda, CEO, TokenSoft, Inc. Continue reading on TokenSoft ».
2017 was a breakthrough year where Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) really gained momentum and were established as an innovative alternative…Continue reading on Medium ».
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Pledgecamp has a number of notable advisors who have helped scale organizations across the media, software, and blockchain markets. Continue reading on Pledgecamp ».