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The co-founder of Morgan Creek explains why many crypto hedge funds might close down at the end of 2018. .
The assets are some of the few that have made significant gains since November 2017, while for other coins and tokens the bear market wiped out all gains from the biggest rally in history. .
After a recent DASH stress test, other coins and networks show near-record activity. .
The company warns users about fake wallet devices manufactured by an unknown vendor. .
The US securities regulator is supporting the current market panic through its recent enforcement actions against ICO firms. .
Refinitiv, the former financial and risk division of Thomson Reuters, can search 400,000 records including sanction lists, politically exposed persons, regulatory and law enforcement watchlists. .
The tech giant and the educational institution will support DLT ideas or initiatives under development through two blockchain accelerators. .
TokenMarket extended its partnership with blockchain-oriented mobility ecosystem DOVU to help it organize its security token offering. .
As the crypto market enters a deeper sell-off in a protracted bear market, the stock market is showing a similar deterioration in sentiment for tech stocks. .
The Philippines’ central bank has rejected a proposal by International Monetary Fund chairman Christine Lagarde that governments should issue their own cryptocurrencies. .
Tron Foundation will support developers building dApps on the network with a $1 million fund. .
As most exchanges awarded the BCH ticker to the ABC chain branch, the market price is now under $300 on a technicality. .
Favoring a strategy of social media presence and giveaways, XRP has proved capable of surviving the market trend. .
KPMG says that Bitcoin and the rest of the coins cannot be considered true currencies as they are not a store of value or a medium of exchange. .
The cryptocurrency market is in free fall as it drops to the lowest level in 13 months, with Bitcoin’s market cap going below $87 billion. .
SPiCE VC said that non-US investors are able to buy its security tokens starting from Monday, November 19. .
The firm has launched two virtual coin-based funds and plans to establish a third one dedicated to investments in initial coin offerings. .
Kraken launched Bitcoin Cash SV trading. It can be traded along with Bitcoin Cash ABC, which has taken over the BCH ticker.
Mythical Games will use the fresh capital to develop its forthcoming DLT-powered gaming platform. .
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The BoT governor claims that the process of creating a central bank digital currency is too lengthy and complicated to allow the country to move from cash to digital currency within the coming 3-5 years. .
The US SEC required two ICO firms to register their tokens as securities and return funds to harmed investors. .
Crypto exchange Huobi has set up shop in Moscow and will be offering 24/7 technical support to local customers. .
The leading coin expands its year-on-year decline to around 33%, becoming a losing position even for investors who bought before the December 2017 rally. .
The Tretyakov Gallery wants to attract private capital by allowing users of a DLT-based app to give money for digitalization of its collection. .
The regulator has issued advice to firms dealing with digital asset securities, including ICO-issuers, investment funds, exchanges, brokers and dealers. .
Bitcoin ABC now trades under BCH on the Huobi exchange; Bitcoin SV trading will be available as of November 20 under the BCV ticker. .
Crypto startup BitGo has passed its milestone to support 100 coins by the end of 2018. .
Microsoft presented a blockchain-based software development kit on the Azure cloud platform, which will enable company users to better integrate the technology into existing systems. .
The Tether treasury cautiously returned 50 million USDT to the market over the weekend, boosting Bitcoin trading levels. .
Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee has cut his Bitcoin price target from $25,000 to $15,000 but remains bullish on the coin’s future. .
Amun has obtained a regulatory nod to list the first exchange-traded product on Switzerland's principal stock exchange. .
While BCHABC quickly became the longer chain, BCHSV saw support from exchanges, seemingly prepared to take over the entire network. .
The collapse of cryptocurrency prices hurt the financial results of the company, whose chips are used in mining equipment. .
The House Financial Committee has proposed several measures, including oversight of virtual currency exchanges and wallets. .
The continued mining of BCHSV has swayed the decision of exchanges to lend support to the minority chain as well. .
The exchange added XLM and OCN on Friday morning, which triggered a positive impact on the market performance of both assets. .
SALT, one of the booming post-ICO digital assets, has fallen to $0. 45, and is pressured by news of another SEC investigation on the sector.
A routine hard fork to update Bitcoin Cash (BCH) triggered chaos on the markets, leading up to a $1,000 crash in Bitcoin (BTC) in the middle of the week. .
The company is using the name and the address of the FCA-registered private equity firm GMT Communications Partners in what the regulator considers an attempt at scamming investors. .
In response to US Sanctions against Iran, Malta-based crypto platform Binance has advised its Iranian users to remove their investments from the crypto exchange. .
In an attempt to combat subversive movements that have appeared in the country recently, DIICOT is looking into cryptocurrency transactions that went to several organizations. .
39-year-old Maksim Zaslavskiy, the owner of REcoin and DRC World, plead guilty before a New York federal judge. .
Within 12 hours of the ABC update, the alternative SV chain had failed to recruit the promised hashrate but refuses to admit defeat. .
ECB executive board member Benoît Cœuré believes Bitcoin was a smart but not a good idea. .
Bitcoin Cash battle becomes personal while the market slumps, STO platform aims for $440 million, Swede convicted for attempted murder after password change snub and Thai political party holds elections on Zcoin blockchain. .
Companies that have linked their businesses to cryptocurrencies are struggling this week as the market sank to a new annual low. .
The exchange will open two USDC markets on Friday, with Bitcoin (BTC), and Binance Coin (BNB). .
KoreConX, a security token-oriented company, announced that it had partnered with SME Brokers, which will use the KoreToken protocol and security token platform provided by KoreConX. .
Gibraltar Stock Exchange is creating a partnership with two Asian firms to create a joint venture that will help it be at the forefront of the security token industry. .
Despite the claims of being a decentralized coin, mining Ethereum with a GPU is not profitable in November 2018. .
CIMB will use RippleNet DLT product to target ASEAN countries with instant cross-border payments. .
Chinese Bitcoin mining equipment maker Canaan doesn’t plan to continue with its IPO, as it lets its application lapse. .
With a note of remorse, PureBit began returning some ETH to its backers following a sudden 13,000 ETH exit scam, but in an odd manner. .
The new venue offers trading between the Argentine peso and several digital coins including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). .
Tropizen, a cannabis producer from Puerto Rico, partnered with STO provider InPortal to hold a security token offering event. .
A mining pool started by a Bitcoin Cash developer aims to wage war against altcoins and convert the spoils to cryptocurrency. .
Blockchain App Factory, a blockchain and security token-oriented firm located in Singapore, said that it helped three clients tokenize their assets. .
Philippine lender UnionBank of the Philippines said its blockchain initiative project i2i (island-to-island) would enable rural banks to provide services that were once only offered by universal banks. .
The crypto trading platform has received support through the traditional model of venture capital fund-raising. .
On November 15, Bitcoin Cash braces for the “hash wars,” essentially an expensive, sustained 51% attack aimed at taking over the coin. .
Nothing in this article is to be construed as investment advice. Neither the author nor the publication assumes any responsibility or liability for any investments, profits or losses you may incur as a result of this information.
Nasdacoin has increased by over 300% in the last 24 hours, which makes it by far the best performer in the top 100 cryptocurrencies. .
The Thai Democrat Party leveraged its primary election using Zcoin, making it the first political party in the world to conduct a blockchain-powered e-voting system. .