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This year's US Midterm elections, two candidates with open pro-crypto views won sets to become governors of the states of Colorado and California. The California race was won by the Democrats' representative.
The first cryptocurrency exchange-traded product (ETP) in the word will be listed on the Swiss Exchange during the next week. The information was released by Trustnodes a few days ago.
With the rise of blockchain tech it was normal a lot of people would be interested in the sector. Some people however, left mega corporations to explore this new concept and dive deep into a brave new world.
GALLACTIC is a blockchain ecosystem that leverages Smart Chain technology to create flexible and scalable solutions. The post GALLACTIC ICO: The Next Generation Blockchain appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
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Coinbase, one of the most important companies in the cryptocurrency world, has taken the decision to add XRP support to its Coinbase Custody platform. The decision was taken by the platform a few days ago.
Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based card game developed by Fuel Games and inspired by Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. The game offers a unique insight The post Gods Unchained: First Steps Into Blockchain Gaming appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
The Bank of America won yet another patent. This one gives the renowned financial instition, the ability to store customers' cryptocurrency The post Patent Won by Bank of America to Store Cryptocurrencies appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Last week however, a Bitcoin bug took things to a whole another level. Developers didn’t originally reveal the potential implications, but they were indeed frightening.
Coinmine one presents a great opportunity for emerging crypto enthusiasts. The system can save users the hardest and most time-consuming parts of mining The post Coinmine One: Making Mining Part of Everyday Life appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
The Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) crashed recently after the hype around it's listing in the popular Coinbase platform. During last 30 days, the virtual currency grew more than 100%.
CoinStaker is giving away TWO tickets for the UCIM Conference 2018, Singapore. The event will take place in Singapore between 26-27 November, 2018.
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Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said that digital currencies are likely to become more convenient to use. The information was released on November 14 by Statistimes.
The upcoming hard fork is going to be a very interesting opportunity for big wins and a lot of Asian traders are already planning ahead. The post Asian Traders Looking to Win Big With Bitcoin Cash appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Justin clarified most worries about the release date when he told the participants at the conference that the developers have made some mistakes during the programming and people seem to have also underestimated the complex levels and layers of work that need to be done “in reality” to produce a perfect fit for the network. Whereas most people are complaining about a delay, Drake says the developers are “moving extremely fast to meet up” with the demands of the community.
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Last month has been one wild ride for Tether (USDT). Tether has seen massive influxes of USDT to its Treasury.
“Multi-hop gives Ripple members the ability to transact with banks or payment providers or digital wallets that they don’t have a direct relationship with. That’s important because in today’s world you need a bunch of bilateral relationships clunkily put together in a chain in order to move money.
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The UCIM Global Conference to be held at Singapore on 26-27 November seeks to bring the blockchain universe at the same platform and discuss ideas to pave way for the technological revolutions by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. The post Top Crypto Exchanges Are Signing up to Be Hacked at UCIM Hack X appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Although the European gambling market has been nothing but vibrant over the last few years, the Nordic countries have decided to abstain or heavily regulate the industry. The post Swedish gambling regulator has received 22 applications on the first day appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
With the increase of opinions from financial advisors that the world is on the brink of another financial collapse because of inflation, maybe digital currency are the solution to some of the problems. Although not perfect, Digital Currencies are.
The post Trader Fined and Jailed Over Fraudulent Scheme Worth Millions appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News. .
Esports betting is the new cool kid on the block for gambling operators and it has been taking the world by storm. Obviously it still has a long way to go to get to the level of traditional sports betting sites, but still, it is looking to be a hit with the younger generation.
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Fiat currencies could be replaced by cryptocurrencies in the next decade. This is what Nicholas Merten, founder of the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel says.
Swarm is the result of a long legal dispute. Probably the longest one in crypto's history.
“Blockchain is growing exponentially: There are hundreds of projects that are already practical for people. And they will enable people to build even more things that will be practical again.
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I still remember the news in 2008 about the Stanford's student Aaron Swartz and all my thoughts then so I'm sharing the news today: The post Least we forget Aaron Swartz appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News. .
The Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) has crashed after being listed in the popular Coinbase platform. During the last month, the virtual currency grew more than 175%.
In this guide, I will try to explain to you as quickly and as easily as possible why atomic swap is a feature that is here to stay. Cross-Chain Atomic swaps give the ability to exchange digital assets across multiple different blockchain networks without central parties.
The cryptotrader's life is full of surprises, but not all of them can be considered as positive ones. The cryptocurrency market resembles the development of the Wild West as today there are tranquility and farming, but tomorrow there are attack of Indians and widespread panic.
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Craig Wright is one of the most controversial figures in the crypto scene. He always seems to bring disputes with him but this time, things look more serious than ever before.
Cinnober is on a mission to turn crypto exchanges into something, which can withstand the cruel tests of the financial market The post Cinnober to Crypto Exchanges: Adapt or Dissapear! appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News. .
MetaMask is the most downloaded Ethereum browser extention and a great way to store cryptocurrency. During Ethereum’s annual Devcon conference on October 31st, MetaMask revealed a mobile app version by Joseph Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys.
In 2018, during a 69% correction, as little as 25% of all Bitcoin were moved between wallet addresses. This would suggest that roughly around 75% of bitcoins haven’t changed owners.
A very important blockchain step was done in order to emphasise Bulgaria's intentions to adapt to new and developing technology. The post Blockchain Steps in the Right Direction for Bulgaria appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
After a gripping episode in Frankfurt, World Blockchain Summit (WBS) will embark on its first ever edition in Amsterdam, expanding its footprints in the European continent. The post Amsterdam to host WBS series for the first time appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
The Oyster Protocol, a smart contract platform that combines IOTA and Ethereum features announced that it has forked into Opacity. The decision has been taken days after the platform experienced a pump and dump scheme started by Oyster’s founder.
The Ledger Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are the most well known and probably the best in the business. Recently the IOTA Foundation, shared the news that they will integrade IOTA tokens with the Ledger Hardware Crypto wallets.
Blockchain has announced it will be doing a huge giveaway in an airdrop that will see its users across the globe receive $125 million worth of Stellar XLM tokens. The figures speak for themselves as this is tipped to be the biggest airdrop of its kind ever.
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Vitalik Buterin revealed the path forward for “Ethereum 2. 0” as he called it.
A new benefits system, even though costly, will make sure companies like Coinbase, Apple and Facebook have first access to potential future talents. The post Benefits System from Coinbase: Investing into Future Talent appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Some treasure hunts require you to solve complex cryptographic puzzles in order to find the correct address. The hunt I'm reffering to is called the 310 Bitcoin Challenge and was started by an anonymous user called “Pip.
The new tech upgrade will increase the exchange's match speed by the collossal amount of 1250 times. No matter how big a market rally is, Bitstamp will be able to The post Tech Upgrade for Bitstamp Will Provide Massive Improvements appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
As though that alone wasn’t enough gas for the market, JP Morgan Chase bank revealed that it actually its Quorum enterprise Ethereum blockchain was actually a thing. The post Ethereum Sees Above Ground 200 Again After JP Morgan Statement appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
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BitMEX Research has recently announced the launch of a new website that will be monitoring network upgrades in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The post BitMEX Launches New Website to Monitor Network Upgrades on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
When it comes to the energy world, it's a dog eat dog world out there. Mega Corporations have complete control over everything.
The FUTURE OF BLOCKCHAIN is a university competition for developers and entrepreneurs with 27 prizes of £2k to £20k. The post University competition for developers and entrepreneurs appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
There are some things you can never escape when trading cryptocurrency. You can’t escape the volatility.
The Ethereum-based startup Parity Technologies is planning to partner with the Zcash Fountaion and create the first Zcash note software. This software will not be built or managed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company.
The rise in the price of Bitcoin in autumn and winter of 2017 gained considerable attention from the media and investors. After a strong fall and a lingering flatline, many expect that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will still slightly increase through inertia by the end of the year.
The concept of CBDC or national cryptocurrencies has been discussed many times. A lot of governments across the world have debated on the pros and cons of this practice.
Binance Coin (BNB) is currently available for trading at the eToro platform. This is the first time that an investment platform offers support to this digital currency.
A unique and transparent approach by blockchain startup Stably, will try to cool down the market volatility after tether (USDT) had a very rough last month. The post Stably has a New Stablecoin with a Unique and Transparent Approach appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
The blockchain firm that was established by Ethereum’s co-developer, Joseph Lubin, has moved on to purchase Planetary Resources Inc. , an American asteroid mining firm.
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A hidden message by Satoshi exists without a doubt. In fact it's probably not one but a whole bunch of them out there.
A new token is set to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes this token different is that it’s allegedly backed one-for-one by bitcoin.
The Azure Blockchain is on its way to be integrated into the biggest stock exchagne Nasdaq. Microsoft belives that this will result in multiple benefits for Nasdaq The post Azure Blockchain to be Integrated into Nasdaq’s Financial Framework appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
The new stablecoin is launching on Stellar’s blockchain and it will be pegged to the Australian dollar (AUD) with business and consumer usecases. It was announced on 23rd of October that the Novatti AUD Utility Token.
The patent for fractional cryptocurrency banking has been won by MasterCard and this could mean that there are plans for the management system for fractional reserves of blockchain currency by the company The post MasterCard Wins Patent To Manage Blockchain Currency Reserves appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News. .
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Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have the potential to succeed in the future. However, they can be just an experiment.
Anonymous funds transfers were probably the first thing people learned about Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper talked about security and privacy coins that will help the people against the monetary system.
The last month was very rocky for Tether (USDT) and a lot of spotlight was thrown on the Tether Richlist. The Tether Richlist allows for anyone to see, the wealthiest Tether wallets holding the most USDT.
Maersk and IBM holding the Intellectual Property rights is, as mentioned earlier, the biggest challenge faced by TradeLens. It is “not rocket science to guess what all Maersk's competitors said about joining this initiative" says Lars Jensen of SeaIntelligence.
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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) aims to have lightning imlemented in the most popular browsers. This move will definitely increase the adoption process The post W3C Working on Ways to Implement Lightning on Browsers appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Co-founder of Open Dream, Patipat Susumpao, a digital-led social enterprise, said his organization was trying to create a prototype applying blockchain for the fishery industry by stalking the source of fishes – from where they were caught until they were served on the table. The post Quick Question Sir, “But How Will Blockchain Really Control Corruption?” appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
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The United Kingdom has been known for long to be a hotbed of online gambling. Half of the UK population engages in betting, and it’s estimated that the UK gambling industry rakes £14bn a year from players.
The University of Nicosia (UNIC), the leading global provider of education and research in blockchain technology and digital currencies, invites registrations to “DECENTRALIZED 2018”. The post DECENTRALIZED 2018: Europe’s Premier Blockchain Summit Returns appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
With the issue of double-spending being solved, a lot of developers saw the road leading to the financial future. We can see the signs 10 years after bitcoin's emerging The post Double-Spending: The Issue Which Opened up a Way to a New Financial Structure appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
IOTA explains that Bugcrowd is primarily being used to assess how functional critical information on the wallet is. It also explains that the rewards ranged from $100 - $1,500.
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The buzz around the Malta Blockchain Summit is palpable. It’s no surprise that the Expo floor has been sold out for some time now.
Blockchain regulation is one of the major developments going on in the tech industry now. The distributed ledger technology has been touted by many to be the saviour to tracking of records, supply chains, voting, retailing, travel and a whole lot more.
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The Spanish government is searching for different ways to regulate virtual currencies and tax users. According to some reports, the Spanish government has approved a draft law that would obligate crypto holders to identify themselves and inform their exact holdings.
An Australian woman has been apprehended by the New South Wales police for being connected to a cryptocurrency cyber theft worth $450,000 in Ripple XRP tokens. The 23-year-old woman was taken into police custody for a cyber theft that is reported to have happened in January of this year.
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Contrary to previous notions held by many, a court in Shenzen has ruled that Bitcoin transactions can go on – seemingly – which means that we can expect to see Bitcoin transactions take an upward graph plotting and a reflection in prices in the coming weeks. The post Shenzhen Court Rules For Bitcoin Transactions In China appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
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We hear the term decentralized exchange or DEX all the time. In reality, the only exchange, which can be classified as decentralized is Bisq The post Bisq: What Does a Decentralized Crypto Exchange Really Mean? appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.