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The profitability of cryptocurrency mining hinges on several key factors. Access to affordable electricity is one of the main requirements.
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WhatsMiner M10 is a Chinese Bitcoin ASIC miner that is apparently starting to ship just now that promises performance comparable to other top SHA256 ASICs available on the market at the moment. At 33 THS with 2145 Watts of power usage it is surprisingly efficient for 16nm chips available at a price of $2000-1800 USD […].
 mining firm bitfury debuts new asic chip
Bitfury has announced the release of a new Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip, as well as a new generation of its Bitcoin mining hardware. The Bitcoin mining firm plans to integrate its new offerings across many of its data centers around the globe.
Bitcoin mining continues to attract a lot of attention. This industry requires access to affordable energy to become profitable.
The Bitcoin Core development team released an important update yesterday that patches a crucial security vulnerability. Bitcoin is usually known as the most hackproof and secure blockchain, which makes any vulnerability in the network incredibly newsworthy.
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 the asic mining race and where it is going
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The tool that exploits Microsoft vulnerabilities to enable widespread crypto extortion has let malware proliferate this year, says a new report.Leaked code targeting Microsoft Systems which hackers allegedly stole from the U.
COTI has launched its own DAG-based (Directed Acyclic Graph) protocol in an attempt to deliver an instant crypto payment processing service.The post Israel-based Start-up is Building its Own Blockchain Protocol that Removes Miners appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
 wildrig multi 0 . 11 . 6 beta is becoming even more useful multi - algorithm miner
We are seeing a quite active development going on for the WildRig Multi AMD GPU miner since its relatively recent introduction (the successor of the WildRig Wild Keccak miner) with new algorithms and features being added constantly. The latest beta version of the WildRig Multi supports BCD, C11, Geek, HMQ1725, PHI, Renesis, Sonoa and Tribus […].
 canaan avalonminer a921 bitcoin asic miner specifications
The Canaan Creative has posted official specifications of their new AvalonMiner A921 Bitcoin ASIC miner and the device should apparently soon be available for order, though no prices have been announced for the moment. We were kind of expecting the new 7nn-based Avalon A9 ASICs to be able to deliver 30 THS with about 1700W […].
According to research by Sam Doctor, a quantitative analyst at Fundstrat, Bitcoin mining costs have doubled since May. Increasing Hash Rate Late last week, Doctor released a cost analysis of the notoriously expensive Bitcoin mining process that supports the pioneer cryptocurrency.
 bitfury launches new suite of bitcoin mining hardware
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The article is in Chinese, it's saying Bitmain lost over USD 300M from trading Bcash, as well as suffering from a multitude of problems, such as no release of new chips, goods that are total losses and failure to expand market dominance in the AI market. https://ezone.
 how much did asic really impact crypto mining and ethereum ’ s constantinople ?
With the emergence of Ethereum ASIC miners, many miners stated their intention to move over to other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum's Constantinople seeks to resolve these questions.
 energi mining update : nvidia
Note: All miners will need to download the newest miner (Energiminer v2. 0.
Smart contract exploits are in no way limited to Ethereum, and affected what is considered one of the safest online casinos on EOS. .
Someone got called out of an incredible 560,000 eth/usd contract on Bitmex as ethereum’s price suddenly jumped today starting at 1:15 PM London time. Price rose within minutes from about $198.
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Etheratom is proud to release a major update - v4. 4.
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 czech prime minister accuses pirate party of mining bitcoin
Bitcoin mining became the subject of an unexpected political clash in the Czech Republic. The Prime Minister accused his opposition, the Czech Pirate Party, of doing nothing useful in the IT sector other than mining Bitcoin.
The week starts with some developments in Africa’s crypto space which may shape related discussions in the region for coming days. Zimbabwe embracing Bitcoin? It starts with Zimbabwe’s newly appointed finance minister, Mthuli Ncube, who made public his intention to push the country’s central bank to take a cue from the Swiss central bank and […].