Hackers were able to steal nearly $58,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the Newdex exchange by exploiting a vulnerability in the exchange, according to TheNextWeb. The hackers flooded the Newdex exchange with fake EOS tokens they created themselves to buy ADD, BLACK and IQ tokens from the centralized platform.
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that the country’s Parliament approved a legal framework for initial coin offerings…Continue reading on Bitrates News ».
Australia’s financial regulator and watchdog is ramping up its scrutiny into ‘misleading or deceptive’ initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crypto-asset funds targeting retail investors. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has confirmed it has identified “consistent problems” to ultimately shut down several initial coin offerings aimed at soliciting funds from retail investors.
The major global indices are marching higher in a concerted fashion today, as the risk-on shift that started after Trump’s trade announcement continues in earnest. Asian stocks were up, but not enthusiastic, while European equities are strong, with the major benchmarks being around 1% higher today.
#Airdrop Evolth & Get Get 500 EVH Tokens Free ~ $25- Register instruction, click the link…Continue reading on Medium ».
Cardonio (CFGT) is a ERC20 Ethereum token.Each phase of the token sale will run for 30 days, once sold out the next phase will begin…Continue reading on Medium ».
EZ Cash is proud to announce the official launch of its token sale. EZ Cash Self Drop sale has started today.
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We here at ExCraft bring this daily update along with a “Thank You”. It is only with the community’s continuous support that we can ensure…Continue reading on ExCraftExchange ».
Hyperion is a syndicated venture capital fund designed to provide token holders with diversified, early-stage investment opportunities in the blockchain industry.The post The Golden Age of Icos – In the Past, or Yet to Come? appeared first on Bitcoin Chaser.
Paragon, the outfit which raised over $70 million in an ICO to build a “social network of cannabis startups,” has lost 96 percent of its market cap. Doing Nothing With Blockchain Perhaps the latest example of the “irrational exuberance” of the 2017 ICO rush, Paragon (PRG) , which had the backing of US rapper The Game and an infamous video to match, currently has a token market cap of just $2.
Communication is an important part for the human life. People use communication to meet up their daily necessities as well as demand.
A standout this fall in the line-up of United States Mint products for collectors is the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp Set.This limited-edition set goes on sale Oct.
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The minimum state oversight should include Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and exchanges, the House of Commons’ Treasury Committee said in its special crypto report. .
Polymath conducted a strategic investment in digital financial services firm Finova Financial and partnered with Blocktrade. com, a security token trading provider.
Crypto exchanges are charging exorbitant listing fees. How is this affecting the crypto industry?.
Storedig Pre-Sale Start in September 27, 2018Continue reading on Medium ».
Prominent cryptocurrency wallet provider launches new custody and wallet platform for the DigitalBits blockchain to safely and securely store digital assets LOBSTR, the leading wallet in the Stellar ecosystem, announced today the launch of XDB Labs LLC, and will soon launch XDB Wallet, to support custodial and wallet storage forThe post Leading Stellar Wallet, LOBSTR, Announces Support for the DigitalBits Blockchain; Launches Wallet for DigitalBits Tokens appeared first on ChipIn..
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Pecunio has inked an agreement with WOM token, lining out future strategic cooperation as well as direct financial engagement Pecunio, a Dubai-based venture capital fund that holds a growing portfolio of blockchain companies, announces today an agreement with the WOM token. Pecunio has signed an agreement with WOM, lining outThe post Pecunio VC Fund (Dubai) teams up with WOM token for major investment appeared first on ChipIn.
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VegaWallet’s Public Sale (Phase 1) is LIVE. Our Phase 1 Discount provides early adopters the opportunity to obtain 30% more VGW than a…Continue reading on VegaWallet ».
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SVPER recreates the experience of meeting new people in real life more accurately than ever before by combining the ease of social media…Continue reading on Medium ».
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A few hours ago, the United States Mint increased prices on one and one-half dozen gold numismatic products.The U.
Blockchain works hard behind the scenes to protect crypto users from scams, frauds and false advertising. Indeed, every year there are hundreds that target just our users alone.
Hypernet technology allows personal computers, smartphones and even fridges with processors to connect with each other and become one completely ”parallel” supercomputer. The combined synergy between numerous devices can create calculating capacities which can rival every existing supercomputer.
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Hiway is the blockchain focussed marketplace for work. A blockchain integrated platform that coheres users without a middleman.