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This post was originally published hereA total of $60 billion has been erased from the value of all cryptocurrencies over the last week, a decline that has many wondering if the ongoing bear market for the asset class has finally come to an end. Defined as a period of depressed activity and sentiment, the bear market […] The post Capitulation? This Bitcoin Sell-Off Still Isn’t as Extreme as 2015’s appeared first on Crypto Quick News.
This post was originally published here Bitcoin Cash “Satoshi’s Vision” – otherwise called Bitcoin SV – suffered a block reorganization Monday by which transactions on two different blocks were overwritten. Though it is possible these two blocks may have been maliciously overwritten by outside attackers, the most likely explanation for the temporary block reorg was due […] The post Bitcoin Cash SV’s ‘Blockchain Reorg’ Likely an Accidental Split, Not an Attack appeared first on Crypto Quick News.
This post was originally published here It’s not what maximalists want to see but for institutions to flock in then regulators must be in the picture. This is part of the reason why the launch of Bakkt Daily Bitcoin futures has been put off to Jan 24, 2019.
Key Points Bitcoin cash price declined further and traded close to the $200 support against the US Dollar. This week’s followed important bearish trend line is still in place with resistance at $280 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
I’m not the first person to say this and I won’t be the last, treating bitcoin as an investment and leaving it in a wallet for years at a time does nothing for the coin or the community. As much as it puts a bad taste in congressional mouths and casts a dark shadow on bitcoin, people who use it to buy stuff on the dark net are using bitcoin for its intended purposes You know, as a currency? Look, I get it, when you buy in at 10 grand you don’t want to buy a hotdog with bitcoin at 4 grand, everybody’s afraid of becoming the next million dollar pizza.
The Bitcoin price slipped on Monday (Nov 19) underneath US$5,000 (€4,366) out of the blue since October 2017 as an expansive selloff accumulated steam on the hazy digital money market. The descending trend where most Asian markets have ended up was an immediate consequence of a gigantic droop in the Bitcoin price (BTC).
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Of late, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork become the hottest topic in the crypto community over the past weeks. Although the controversial chain split has been activated on November 15th.
Although Bitcoin was down over 13 percent to below $4800 today, hitting a fresh 13-month low, some crypto investors still hope the biggest cryptocurrency could reach its peak somewhere between $100k and $200k in 2020 when the Bitcoin reward halving takes place. However, Mao Shixing, co-founder and CEO and of the world’s sixth largest bitcoin mining pool F2Pool, believes Bitcoin “halving”2020 will […].
After much resistance, the price of Bitcoin has succumbed to market dictate to drop below $5000 for the first time in 2018. The drop of more than $500 on Monday Nov.
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The richest Bitcoin addresses are owned by cryptocurrency exchanges. Collectively, these addresses hold less than 3.
It’s not what maximalists want to see but for institutions to flock in then regulators must be in the picture. This is part of the reason why the launch of Bakkt Daily Bitcoin futures has been put off to Jan 24, 2019.
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VanEck subsidiary MV Index Solutions has launched a BTC Index based on U. S.
Tether and Bitfinex have been under US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] and Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC]’s radar for a very long time in relation to Initial Coin Offering [ICO] scams and market manipulation, but nothing concrete was ever established against them. As new findings come to light, according to a report by Bloomberg News, […] The post Bitcoin [BTC] rigging: Department of Justice initiates probe into alleged price manipulation by Bitfinex and Tether during 2017 rally appeared first on AMBCrypto.
Some very important OTC desks of Genesis, Cumberland and Circle, which handle a massive amount of OTC crypto trading, are leading a new trend now, according to the Abacus Journal. These companies are opening up their OTC books to help the markets so they can understand the price swings better in preparation for the ETF.
Cryptocurrency traders have reportedly suffered huge losses after digital asset exchange, OKEx, quickly settled bitcoin cash (BCH) futures contracts - without properly informing users before the BCH hard fork on November 14th. Qiao Changhe, the founder of Beijing-based Consensus Technologies, has alleged that he lost $700,000 because OKEx’s management closed the BCH futures contracts at a point that did not accurately reflect cryptocurrency prices (at that particular time).
MV Index Solutions, a VanEck subsidiary, has announced a bitcoin price index comprised of three regulated US bitcoin OTC desks. The index will be used in the VanEck Solidx bitcoin ETF as it thought to be less susceptible to market manipulation and thus more likely to be approved by U.
There’s not much to smile about, but once in a while the market gifts us with a farce worthy of Monty Python. In the latest chapter of the Bitcoin Cash comedy, Calvin Ayre, the Black Knight of Crypto, has recently offered a truce in the ongoing war for Bitcoin Cash—just after having yet another limb […] The post CoinGeek Calls For Ceasing Bitcoin Cash Hostilities: Truce or Capitulation? appeared first on Crypto Briefing.
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A freelance journalist who used to do regular work with Newsweek, The Washington Post and The New York Times was forced to flee his career after he was caught involved in a number of scams. A new federal accusation says the journalist came into the rich world of cryptocurrency in an attempt to walk away with $3.