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The Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently unveiled a blockchain-based Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement framework. Reports indicate that the framework can simplify post-trade processes, materially diminishing the payment settlement cycle.
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it isn’t going to be swayed by technical definitions when it comes to its oversight of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This pronouncement comes barely a day after the Commission brought up charges against the founder of EtherDelta – a decentralized virtual currency trading platform.
France appears ready to consider giving Bitcoin owners in the country a tax cut. This move comes as regulators in the country wish to streamline all non-real estate-related tax requirements.
Some commentators predict that Bitcoin might not be the driver for the next significant price rally in the cryptocurrency market. Mainstream Financial Collapse and the Rise of Virtual Currencies After the lofty heights attained at the back end of 2018, the virtual currency market took a massive nosedive in 2018.
Venezuela’s government plans to present its national cryptocurrency, the Petro, as a unit of account for international crude oil trade to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The move is a further attempt by the country’s government to strengthen the position of its controversial state-issued cryptocurrency.
A third-party developer plans to bring XRP tipping to the Amazon Alexa app store. If approved by Amazon, the XRP tip bot will be available on Alexa.
It appears Tether cannot seem to stay out the news these days. Recent reports suggest that Deltec bank, which recently emerged as the company’s new banker (albeit unconfirmed), is now in the crosshairs of the U.
Recent developments may point to the September 2018 Zaif cryptocurrency exchange platform hack originating in Europe. Japanese investigators say they recently uncovered German and French IP addresses attempting to move some of the stolen cryptocurrency from the Zaif heist.
Hackers posing as notable tech billionaire, Elon Musk, on Twitter are defrauding people via fake Bitcoin giveaways. One attempt, in particular, amassed more than $180,000 in Bitcoin from the scam.
HSBC recently facilitated India’s first blockchain trade finance transaction. This development reinforces the narrative that despite the negative stance towards cryptocurrency in India, there is some focus on the benefits of blockchain technology in the country.
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looks set to widen its oversight on the cryptocurrency industry. Presently, the Commission is looking into suspected cases of misconduct among investment advisers in the virtual currency arena.
BlackRock doesn’t have any plans to launch a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) any time soon. Company CEO Larry Fink says a Bitcoin ETF will only emerge when the industry becomes legitimized.
Ran NeuNer says Bitcoin won’t end the year at $50,000. The host of the CryptoTrader show on CNBC tweeted in February 2018 that the top-ranked cryptocurrency would end 2018 on a high note but has now retracted that prediction.
Coinbase chief operating officer (COO) Asiff Hirji says the company has no plans to go public any time soon. Hirji also says the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States is pursuing means of expanding and diversifying its business to cover more aspects of the emerging virtual currency space.
Microsoft recently announced a high-level partnership with Nasdaq to create an interoperability matrix for distributed ledgers. The partnerships will see Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF) adopting the Microsoft Azure blockchain that allows different technologies to work together via one central ecosystem.
While Bitcoin bulls like Tom Lee and Brian Kelly remain optimistic about the prospects of the top-ranked cryptocurrency, one technical indicator reveals that there might be no end in sight to the current sideways price action. Long-Term Downward Bitcoin Price Action According to Bloomberg, DVAN long-term trend lines paint a picture of a continued downward.
Jacob Burrell-Campos recently pleaded guilty to charges of running an illegal money transmitting operation. This plea comes after his indictment on money laundering and tax evasion charges relating to the sale of more than $750,000 worth of Bitcoin in the United States.
Ukraine’s government plans to create a robust legal framework for its cryptocurrency industry within the next three years. This plan will cover many aspects of the industry, including ICO legislation and access to banking services.
BrewDog recently announced Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments in its latest London pub. The popular hipster pub chain also says it will base its beer markup price to the movement of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 Index.
Goldman Sachs-backed Bitcoin security firm, BitGo recently unveiled Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) – a Bitcoin ERC20 token. The new token is a collaboration between the firm, Republic Protocol, and Kyber Network.
Ripple recently published its quarterly market report for the third quarter of 2018. The report shows an increase in XRP sales during Q3 as against the previous quarter.
Unsealed court filings in Chicago show the arrest of two individuals believed to be part of an online cybercrime syndicate. The FBI says it suspects the group has stolen more than $3 million worth of cryptocurrency.
The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) recently approved Coinbase Custody as a limited purpose trust company. This approval allows the Coinbase subsidiary to offer cryptocurrency custodial services in the state.
Jeremy Allaire believes there is a need for a global standard for cryptocurrency regulations. The Circle CEO also wants more explicit definitions for token offerings and robust rules to combat market manipulation.
China plans to unveil new regulations targeted towards blockchain censorship. These rules are the first to specifically target blockchain technology in the country.
Despite the continued sideways price trend, two Bitcoin bulls, Brian Kelly and Tom Lee still believe that the top-ranked cryptocurrency will finish 2018 on a high note. For Kelly, an avalanche of institutional interest is incoming, while Lee maintains that BTC will reach his $25,000 price forecast.
One local restaurant in Kenya is allowing customers to pay using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, the owner of the establishment is also offering tutorial lessons on how to use cryptocurrency.
More victims continue to come forward accusing Amit Bharadwaj and his accomplices of defrauding them with fake Bitcoin investment schemes. Recently, India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze $6 million worth of Bharadwaj’s assets as part of its investigations into the $278 million Bitcoin fraud case.
Lazarus is reportedly behind most of the cryptocurrency exchange hacks since January 2017. The notorious North Korean hacking syndicated has stolen $571 million in 14 different cyber attacks against exchanges during the period.
DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather are facing legal troubles from victims of a cryptocurrency scam. The affected investors say the pair contributed to the Centra Tech ICO scam.
Brave Software recently debuted an update to its web browser. The company says the new version of its open source, privacy-centric browser comes with enhanced speed and a revamped Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards paradigm.
Anthony Pompliano believes the current trade dispute between the United States and China could have a significant impact on the former’s Bitcoin mining scene. The Morgan Creek Digital chief predicts mining equipment sales in the U.
Bitfinex and Tether recently announced new banking partnerships in Hong Kong and the Bahamas, respectively. Previously, both companies, who reportedly share the same management, were clients of the Noble Bank, which is currently up for sale due to financial troubles.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group says its Bitcoin futures contract trading grew by 41 percent in the third quarter of 2018. CME also said that Asia contributed to half of the overseas BTC futures trading volume.
Joey Krug believes the cryptocurrency market is close to bottoming out. The Pantera Capital co-chief investment officer says scalability is the catalyst for the next significant bull run which would bring about a 10x increase in total crypto market capitalization.
Kraken recently announced the launch of Tezos (XTZ) trading on its platform. The popular cryptocurrency exchange service becomes the latest to offer support for the 17th-ranked cryptocurrency.
Sheila Warren believes the United States is behind the curve on cryptocurrency payment adoption. The head of the World Economic Forum’s blockchain policy unit says the maturity of the e-commerce arena in Asia has the U.
Barclays has suspended its work on a proposed cryptocurrency trading platform. The UK banking behemoth, for now, prefers not to incorporate digital assets into its legacy trading activities.
Coinbase says it isn’t worried by Japanese regulators working to strengthen the country’s cryptocurrency regulatory framework. The virtual currency exchange platform also believes that it would soon obtain approval from Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Inside sources say Nasdaq is looking to create a platform for cryptocurrency security tokens. This development is the latest in a series of reports of the U.
Nouriel Roubini continues to scream himself hoarse, espousing the same flawed rhetoric about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The New York University professor and Economist dominated the news recently with his ongoing diatribe against virtual currencies and decentralized technology.
Bitfinex suspended fiat deposits on the platform amidst claims of insolvency. The popular cryptocurrency exchange platform says deposits should resume in a week’s time.
Jim Yong Kim says blockchain technology can help to engineer the actualization of global financial inclusion. The World Bank Group (WBG) president believes a greater emphasis on technology can help the organization achieve its set goals.
News coming out of the local media in South Korea indicate the sale of Bithumb to BK Global Consortium. Bithumb is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the market, while BK Global is a Singapore-based firm.
After weeks of sideways trading, Bitcoin experienced a sudden drop in the early hours of Thursday, falling by more than $400 in less than an hour. This decline comes after different analysts predicted an imminent price breakout for the top-ranked cryptocurrency.
GMO Internet recently revealed plans to launch a Yen-pegged cryptocurrency stablecoin next year. This move marks another chapter in the company’s drive to expand its involvement in the virtual currency market.
Anonymous state officials within the Indian government say the country plans to issue a national cryptocurrency. This move comes amidst efforts by the apex bank to stifle virtual currency trading in the country.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) believes Ripple and XRP can play a vital role in reducing the cost of international business transactions. Reducing the Cost Burden of International Trade Using Ripple (XRP) According to a WTO report published on Wednesday (October 3, 2018), Ripple and the XRP cryptocurrency can play a vital role in the.
Oasis Labs recently secured partnerships with a16z crypto and other notable VC investors to launch the Oasis Startup Hub. The firm plans to use the Oasis Startup Hub as an incubator for developing privacy-first computing on the blockchain.
Pundi X plans to make cryptocurrency microtransactions in Dubai a reality with a new stablecoin called emcash. Together with Ebooc fintech and emcredit, citizens and residents in the megacity will be able to participate in a vibrant token-based economy.
Last week, crypto trading platform Robinhood announced the expansion of its services to three more states in the US. The Menlo Park-based firm now offers zero-commission cryptocurrency trading to 24 US states.
Yale University is the latest institutional player in the cryptocurrency investment scene. Reports indicate that the Ivy League school has put up equity in a couple of investment funds targeted at the virtual currency market.
Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, says the city plans to become a mega blockchain hub. The South Korean capital is set to unveil a five-year development plan as well as an investment fund dedicated to the emerging technology.
ICORating recently published a report detailing the strength of the security protocols on show for 100 cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The report is based on research studies conducted by the independent virtual currency research and rating agency.
For Binance, the strategy is simple – move only to places where the laws welcome cryptocurrency commerce. By following this practical strategy, the platform has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange service in record time.
XRP emerged as the clear winner in the gainers pack for the top five coins in Q3 2018. Bitcoin spent the last three months trading in tight ranges but managed to eke out a marginal gain over the period.
In the latest episode of “ignorant things people say about Bitcoin,” John Crudele of the New York Post says the top-ranked cryptocurrency “is only useful to people who don’t want to get caught. ” Enough of These Forced and Labored Bitcoin Rhetorics Every so often, a nocoiner comes forward to espouse something demonstrably and factually inaccurate.
LINE Corporation has announced the launch of a Japan-only cryptocurrency, as well as five new decentralized applications (dApps). The Japanese online messaging giant says these new additions are part of its efforts to build a robust global token economy.
Bitcoin appears set for another bull run that could see it recover a significant portion of its lost value during the 2018 slump. An analysis of a technical indicator reveals a positive trend reversal for the top-ranked cryptocurrency.
The 2018 cryptocurrency price declines may push US-based investors into problems with the internal revenue service (IRS). Considering reports that indicate a low volume of virtual currency tax reportage among Americans, losses incurred this year could see previously unreported cryptocurrency holdings come to light.
Nigel Green expects XRP to cross the $1 price milestone before the end of the year. The CEO of deVere Group believes the emergence of positive sentiments concerning Ripple and XRP will catapult the third-ranked cryptocurrency to the $1 price valuation mark.
Bitcoin seems set for a new bottom based on its recent price performance. A new bottom level for the top-ranked cryptocurrency may signal renewed interest from bulls, leading to another significant price rally.
Singapore’s government is warning its citizens against elaborate fraudulent Bitcoin schemes. This warning comes following the emergence of websites touting false claims from senior government officials about fake cryptocurrency investment opportunities.
Following the 2018 decline in the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, stakeholders in Iceland believe more resources should be employed in other aspects of the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry. The 2017 Bitcoin Mining Mania At the height of Bitcoin mania in 2017 when the price was surging rapidly, miners flocked to Iceland.
California’s political campaign monitoring agency has outlawed the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for political donations. This move comes after a report submitted to the body highlighting the legality of cryptocurrency donations in several states across the U.
Fidelity Investments plans to make significant inroads into the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry. The U.
Despite the struggles of 2018, leading cryptocurrency experts predict that Bitcoin price will hit stratospheric levels in a few years’ time. The top-ranked cryptocurrency, like the rest of the market, has experienced a massive price reduction since the start of the year.
Tezos, one of the high profile ICOs of 2017, is finally going live after months of legal disputes. The project has been in the test phase since June 2018 when its XTZ tokens became tradable.
Coinbase Pro has announced the addition of four more GBP cryptocurrency trading pairs for its customers in the UK. The move follows the platform’s announcement in August that it would begin allowing deposits and withdrawals in GBP.
Ethereum has plummeted to a new 12-month low, continuing on its downward price trajectory. The second-ranked cryptocurrency has so far failed to actualize the considerable potential identified by stakeholders since its inception.
Bruegel, a European Union economic think tank, has called for general cryptocurrency regulations in the region. This call comes as finance ministers from EU member states prepare to meet in a few days’ time to deliberate on the state of the European cryptocurrency market.
Reports of the opening of a massive short position, as well as the transfer of a significant amount of BTC, coming so close to the onset of the recent Bitcoin slide has reignited talk of manipulation in the market. Massive Bitcoin Short Position Opened Before Wednesday’s Drop On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant.
Months after his extradition from Morocco to the United States, Renwick Haddow hasn’t been indicted. Thus, the civil case filed against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also still pending.