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Blockchain and ledger transactions are a new system of sharing datas and permit many potential front-end applications. Continue reading on LeaXR ».
Education communities, teachers, schools own huge resources in many learning areas. They possess tera of learning datas.
AXR token is a tradable token on the Ethereum blockchain. AXR brings services to his token holders.
A smart-contract is a code which permits to interact with a blockchain to send datas and create actions. Continue reading on LeaXR ».
An easy, free and open platform open to everyoneContinue reading on LeaXR ».
In 2008, the global subprime crisis broke out and brought with it a crisis of confidence between banks and customers. Quickly after Bitcoin appeared.
The ECB Token is a Token swap. During the ICO, investors buy the ECB Token to participate to the European Crypto Bank Project.