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I have been celebrating the birth of Bitcoin by going through Satoshi’s writings. Halloween Jest As we all know, the Bitcoin whitepaper was published on October 31, 2008 – the Halloween… Although we do not know whether this was intentional, we do know that Halloween is the time for trickery, but it is also associated […] The post Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase and Pantera Capital in Satoshi’s Debt appeared first on Crypto Insider.
Siberia is a cold and barren land where the winter lasts for nine months, it’s a land where to Russian autocrats exile the dissidents, it’s a land where human dwellings are separated by dozens of miles of tundra and the snow so deep that human scream gets muffled as soon as it leaves the mouth. […] The post Adventures of the Bitcoin Conquistador in Siberia appeared first on Crypto Insider.
Despite the bear market that began eight months ago, there is one niche that never slowed down; bitcoin OTC (over the counter) trades, or block trades, as some prefer to call it.  Throughout this time, I have had institutional clients looking to buy anywhere from 100,000 btc up to 1,000,000 btc.
For better or worse, the ICO landscape has changed a lot of the past twelve months. I have been involved in every turn of this tumultuous ride.
Back in September 2017 I published an article: “Are we in a bubble?”. The question was about then skyrocketing crypto market.