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The permit will be the basis for X8’s plans to expand in the Middle East, including the establishment of a local virtual asset exchange. .
The asset jumped more than 85% on Friday midday UTC as Bittrex had opened a Bitcoin market for SpaceChain. .
The bank wants to target cryptocurrency exchanges and virtual asset funds with a new custodian system, called Digital Safety Deposit Box. .
The project, called Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), should enter a trial phase in December this year. .
A legal framework would help the development of the virtual asset market and ensure investor protection, according to the KBA. .
BNP Paribas and MUFG bank have also participated in the transaction as well as the operator of Spain’s national grid, Red Electrica Corporation. .
iSTOX will invest the funding into the development of the platform’s services, which will go live after the market receives a license from Singapore’s financial regulator, the company has explained. .
Changes in the system should begin in January next year with full implementation after June 2019, the trading platform has said. .
St. Francis Xavier University in Canada shut down its entire system for more than three days last week because of a crypto jacking attack.
AWS Mining, based in Australia, and Canadian EXY Crypto targeted Texas’ citizens illegally, the local securities regulator has said. .
Fifteen multinational banks have joined a project to trial DLT solutions for the settlement of credit derivatives. .
The new project will enable companies to tokenize financial instruments including bonds and equities by using blockchain technology. .
The project is part of a partnership with distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup Attest. .
Sweetbridge has become the third participant in the first-ever US financial technology sandbox. .
The measures, imposed by Swiss financial regulator FINMA, include 800% risk weighting for bank crypto trading. .
The banks utilized DLT solutions to execute a deal between India’s conglomerate Reliance Industries and US Tricon Energy. .
The project, called Plasma Dog, is developed by Hoard and it is the first dApp on OMG. .
The trading platform, which is one of the leading fiat-to-crypto markets, will add only crypto-to-crypto pairs for GUSD. .
Twenty-five FLiK backers claim $5 million in damages for investing in the singer’s crypto project. .
Virtual coins are not currencies but a piece of art for those who like cryptography, the head of Bank of International Settlement explained during a speech in the US. .
The project, called eTradeConnect, targets Asia and will cooperate with we. trade, a DLT-based financial settlement platform with a focus on Europe.
The case dates from 2012 when the twins hired Shrem as a crypto adviser for their early virtual assets initiatives. .
ASB claims the transaction was the first New Zealand export deal settled on blockchain although the technology was utilized in conjunction with a traditional system. .
The new regime includes banning retail investors from trading virtual coins via funds and possibility for a similar measure for exchanges. .
The possible outlawing of virtual coins would likely cover trading on exchanges and the use of those assets as a payment method, a government press release has indicated. .
The measures are proposed by lobby group Global Digital Finance, whose founding members include Coinbase, Circle, ConsenSys, and R3. .
The new trading platform will be a result of Bithumb’s partnership with US crypto firm seriesOne, according to sources familiar with the project. .
The retail company partners with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Chinese Academy of Science to analyze distributed ledger technology. .
The exchange will add the coin on Thursday, but the listing announcement triggered a significant impact on the NANO market performance on Wednesday. .
21-year-old Jacob Burrell Campos has pleaded guilty in an agreement with California authorities. .
The French software company has also opened a Hong Kong office to serve as a coordination hub during its push into the lucrative markets of Asia and Oceania. .
The trial should analyze e-krona technical issues, and whether the CBDC can meet several characteristics including scalability and security, the country’s central bank announced. .
Until now, the operator has been supporting only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)-based contracts for difference and spread betting. .
US company Tiger Global has led the investment round, which also saw backing from Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator Continuity, Wellington Management, and Polychain. .
The move comes after the exchange reported a significant loss in the most recent quarter. .
Amir Sarhangi will be responsible for overseeing the DLT-based payment network RippleNet. .
NXC Corp, the owner of South Korean digital exchange Korbit, is now a majority stakeholder in Bitstamp through its Belgian-based subsidiary NXMH. .
The company has created a REC market using distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions. .
The trail, which will implement distributed ledger technology product from Fujitsu, will include nine Japanese banks. .
The country’s financial regulator has also issued a new public warning about the most used technique in virtual asset Ponzi schemes. .
The platform, called PrimeTradingbot, does not possess a license, Malta’s financial regulator has said. .
Viettel has already developed a healthcare system using the distributed ledger technology, the company’s deputy general director of the corporation has said. .
The company will partner with Swiss-based startup Winding Tree, which aims to develop a distributed ledger technology platform. .
The Asian corporate giant unveiled a global DLT strategy within hours of Oracle launching similar services. .
The product, developed by Sony’s science division, uses the corporation’s IC card technology. .
Neufund and Freigeist VC have written an open letter after a court ruling excluded cryptocurrency from the financial instrument category. .
The appointment of Philippe Morel comes after Setl obtained French approval to maintain a central securities depository. .
The South Korean crypto exchange added BCD on early Wednesday morning, but the listing move has been affecting the coin market performance for more than 20 hours. .
SBI Virtual Currencies division will develop the service as part of a deal with security company Sepior. .
The San Francisco’s company has unveiled four new offerings that use distributed ledger technology solutions for the supply chain industry. .
Hadley Stern is the first chief operating officer of the Chicago-based distributed ledger technology firm. .
The partnership’s announcement triggered a price spike of the blockchain project’s own token TaTaTu (TTU) on Tuesday. .
American Retail Group has announced a partnership with an SEC-regulated custodian for crypto transactions as well as an SEC-registered ICO. .
The test will also involve one of the largest European trade logistic centers, the Port of Rotterdam. .
The distributed ledger technology banking project will use blockchain solutions from Finastra and R3 Corda. .
Distributed ledger technology technical specialists have the highest annual salaries in the software sector, according to the recruitment company Hired. .
The parties have not disclosed the funding amount specified in the agreement, whose terms also include creating a joint venture for the launch of a crypto-to-fiat exchange in Singapore. .
All stakeholders can comment on the new cybersecurity proposals until November 2. .
The regulator has created a FinTech hub for communication with public and investors. .
The custody solution targets virtual asset exchanges as well as institutional investors. .
The United States Marshals Service will auction off 660 Bitcoins in November, with bidder registration starting next week. .
The ruling is part of the first-ever CFTC anti-fraud enforcement action involving cryptocurrencies. .
The South Korean crypto exchange will add the two coins next week, but the listing announcement triggered a significant price increase for both assets on Thursday morning. .
Crypto mining malware fell to fourth place for both consumers and business groups, according to Malwarebytes Labs data. .
Distributed ledger technology could support more than 100 million transactions per day, a five-month test has shown. .
In addition to offering blockchain ventures advice on data protection compliance, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has appealed again to EU authorities to resolve the existing tension between privacy protection laws and DLT. .
The new trading platform offers only tokens that use Ethereum technology, including Dent (DENT), aelf (ELF), and One Root Network (RNT). .
White will become the main operating executive in November when new IE project starts testing its services. .
Trading platforms are the bridge between old and new financial systems, and regulators can oversee them with existing laws, the president of the Dutch central bank has said. .
The LN token is available in pairs with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). .
The exchange will support Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) markets for all four dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies this week. .
One of the complicated issues in overseeing the virtual currency market is to determine which parts of it come under the scope of existing laws, the outgoing head of the Securities Commission explained. .
Distributed ledger technology ensures efficiency and preserves ownership benefits, according to the Japanese corporate giant. .
BTC purchasers bear the responsibility themselves, justice Nancy Orr wrote in the verdict regarding a $48,000 Ponzi scheme. .