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CoinSpeaker Blockchain Technology, the Biggest Wonder of the 21st Century [Inforgafic] Blockchain has proven to be one of the most impactful discoveries in the recent history. In this infographic, BitFortune provides insights into how different industries can benefit from the tech.
CoinSpeaker China Embraces the Blockchain Revolution David King, technology writer specializing in privacy, blockchain and FinTech, shares his view of the China’s blockchain technology journey, explaining key regulations, policies, and technology’s use-cases in the country. China Embraces the Blockchain Revolution .
CoinSpeaker What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government? Mind AI, a Seoul-based startup engaged in blockchain and AI technologies’ development, is creating a new approach to AI that wipes out high entry barriers native to the field. What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government? .
CoinSpeaker LEXIT (LXT) Secures Listing on BitMart Exchange World’s first online mergers and acquisitions marketplace LEXIT has announced that its LXT Token now supported on the BitMart exchange. LEXIT (LXT) Secures Listing on BitMart Exchange .
CoinSpeaker Bitcoin Depot Launches Affiliate Program as Part of Cryptocurrency ATM Offering Cryptocurrency ATM service Bitcoin Depot has launched an affiliate program for its leading multi-cryptocurrency ATM network, which represents an excellent passive income opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and social influencers Bitcoin Depot Launches Affiliate Program as Part of Cryptocurrency ATM Offering .
CoinSpeaker $50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon While conferences have become an important accelerator of the blockchain’s growth, UCIM is glad to introduce Pitch-a-thon dirung which entrants will compete to secure investment and win prizes worth $50K for the best seven-minute pitch. $50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon .
CoinSpeaker How Blockchain is Changing the Nature of Credit Cards While blockchain has considerable, yet partly unsused potential in the wider financial markets, PumaPay has come to reform credit transactions and introduce cryptocurrencies into the consumer mainstream. How Blockchain is Changing the Nature of Credit Cards .
CoinSpeaker Cortex Launches the World’s First-Ever AI-on-Blockchain TestNet Cortex launches the world’s first AI-on-Blockchain TestNet together with the first TestNet tutorials to address smart contracts and decentralized applications' most common problems. Cortex Launches the World’s First-Ever AI-on-Blockchain TestNet .
CoinSpeaker What is the Safest Way to Store Your Crypto? No matter how deep you've immersed into the crypto sphere, if you hold at least some of the digital assets, it's worth to know how to properly store your funds. Check out all the ins and outs of today's storage alternatives in this post.
Covesting's trading competition was the first opportunity for users to actively trade on the platform and utilize many of the features offered, including aggregated liquidity, multiple fiat trading pairs, instant order execution, and comprehensive charts. The post +58% Gain per Month: Covesting’s Trading Competition Proves Its Copy-Trading Concept Success appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Donocle lottery system set to increase safety and credibility through the combination of self-developed C/S environment and blockchain. Pre-ICO live.
Telegram reveals its plans to launch TON test version by the end of Autumn 2018. The post Telegram Plans to Launch Test Version of Its Blockchain Platform TON this Autumn appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Professionals from Luxchain shared their insights into how blockchain could address most topical problems inherent in the luxury goods industry during Draper Dragon Summit. The post How Blockchain Stands to Transform the Luxury Economy with Digital Assets appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Since we can't always predict what our life has in store for us, and circumstances may change in a blink of an eye, which comes especially important when you're paying a personal loan, it's wise to consider several possibilities for its refinancing. The post When and How to Refinance Your Personal Loan appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
eSports prediction and iGaming platform integrates open smart contracts and seeks to invite 100 more gamers to test the Blockchain integration in a recent closed Beta Wave 4 phase. The post eSports Prediction Platform to Secure Betting with Blockchain-Based Product appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Most recent investment vihicle launched by Invictus - tokenized Hyperion investment fund - provides retail investors access to blockchain startup's broad seed and private stage investment opportunities. The post Hyperion Fund Sets Ahead with a Glistening Portfolio of Promising Early ICO’s appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Since interoperability is a key necessity for blockchain tech to be effectively adopted globally, a number of coimpanies including Mateverse, Cosmos, Ark and others work hard to build a cross-chain bridge allowing for creating a universal interoperable ecosystem. The post Blockchain Interoperability: a Necessity for Effective Adoption appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
In this exclusive interview, Mr. Lecomte shares his insights into the crypto mining, explaining industry's key aspects and hidden pitfalls.
While many traders grumble over the lack of developed tools for crypto investing, and taxation comes as a real headache, CoinTracking platform set to address most pressing issues crypto investors face. The post Bringing Crypto Data Analysis Up to Industry Standards appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
The growth the crypto industry has brought an inexpensive and quick way to transact across the globe. These innovations have led Piper Moretti to envision a new way to conduct real estate transactions which can benefit both home buyers and sellers.
A curious device, which can become one of the first interlinks between our everyday reality and the digital future, has been released recently. Goldmint Company operating since 2017 has demonstrated the long-awaited Custody Bot.
Professional writer and marketer Puran Kaushal shares his vision of the blockchain tech, explaining the potential technology holds in various spheres. The post The Bigger Picture – How Blockchain Transform the Life appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Instant withdrawals, low fees and enhanced transparency make digital casinos a perfect choice for those willing to enjoy online gambling to the fullest. The post Why the Bitcoin Casino is Taking Over Online Gambling appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
A new French exchange is willing to protect their clients’ funds by keeping nearly all their funds in cold storage and sticking to strict rules to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law. The post A New Exchange Will Help ICOs Launch Their Product appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Ten years on from the launch of the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin, there are thousands of cryptos in existence today, each with a unique function. Which of them are most likely to truly change the world? The post Five of the Most Promising Crypto Projects with Real-Life Potential appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
The ICO market is vast but tangled, and ICO agencies are an essential part of it. So now is the time to take a closer look at each agency’s work.
While many crypto enthusiasts are exchanging a portion of their holdings for XMR, newcomers remain confused when it comes to choosing the right wallet. Check out major alternatives available for this crypto and main factors to consider when choosing a wallet.
Although banking and finance are usually slow technology adopters, both have to catch up with technological trends to survive. See what potential AI-powered tools have in the sphere and what obstacles get in the way of their wider adoption.
While the data industry continues to grow, companies that provide ways to make data reliable and verifiable provide a much-needed structural center to the industry. The post Blockchain Companies Re-envisioning Data Validation for the Future appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Blockchain infrastructure powerhouse Xunlei established a strategic partnership with global leading payment technology provider Newland Hi-Tech Group to provide trusted and efficient solutions for managing digital identity and online payments, tackling cybercrime using blockchain. The post Xunlei Partners Newland for Advanced Cybersecurity and Digital Payment Solutions appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Currently operating in test mode, Goldmint blockchain network set to help pawn shops improve transactions’ transparency and attract cheap financing. The post Mint Blockchain: Advanced Technology-based Solution for the Pawnshops appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Health Advisor and crypto enthusiast Denise Quirk shares her insights into the blockchain technology, providing detailed explanation of Proof of Work (PoW) and the Proof of Stake (PoS) systems. The post Everything You Need to Know About Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Hybrid exchange launches its own blockchain and PoR consensus algorithm to speed up transactions, increase scalability and ensure multi-layer user protection. The post Hybrid Exchange Launches PoR Consensus Algorithm to Streamline Trading appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Fireflies party, co-organized by Byzantium and Cryptohou. se, presents an extraordinary experiences at a one-day invite-only social space for the best and brightest minds of blockchain industry.
World's leading digital asset management platform RightBTC set to launch its new OTC trading service with no withdrawal limits and zero trading fees. The post RightBTC to Launch Revolutionary OTC Trading Platform appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Not all crypto events are this fun. Coinsbank did it again, replicating their Asia 2018 event with a four day cruise on the mediterranean that unsurprisingly attracted some of the biggest names in crypto.
Social Realty Inc. , a digital marketing and data management technology company set to unlock the value of personal information, now allows its shareholders reap the benefits of its Big Token blockchain product.
Decentralized content economy ASQ Protocol wants to create an ecosystem in which authors will be rewarded for quality content in an open and transparent way. The post ASQ Protocol is Bringing Cross-Platform Sharing to Crypto appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Blockchain-based computing platform Tatau uses artificial intelligence to tap into the underutilized GPU computing resources around the world. The post AI Innovation Doesn’t Need to Wait for Quantum Computing appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Stablecoins are the goal of achieving genuinely price-stable cryptocurrencies that can effectively function as a medium of exchange, store of value, and fungible unit of account. The post Analyzing the Current Stablecoin Landscape appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Chongqing-based startup NULS wants to revolutionize blockchain technology, making it affordable and accessible for even the smallest of enterprise. The post NULS Wants to Make Blockchain Affordable with Its Chain Factory appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Crypto exchange ETERBASE has made significant progress in its efforts to become one of Europe’s leading exchanges, with a regulatory assessment from Liechtenstein’s Financial Markets Authority (FMA). The post Liechtenstein FMA Grants Regulatory Assessment to ETERBASE appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Decentralization, one word consistent with blockchain technology, is known for its recent popularity amongst blockchain startups. The post Blockchain: A Step Towards Decentralization or Another Form of Centralization appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
How NULS and Prism make a perfect partnership. The post The Health Benefits of Blockchain Technology appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
When governmental agencies tell you that you’ve got a problem, trust them—you’ve got a problem. The post How This Blockchain-Powered Platform Aims to Prevent Mortgage Fraud appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
In this interview, Spin Protocol's founders Jay Yu (CEO) and Kyle Kim (CBO) share their insights into e-commerce market, explaining how their project could help businesses get rid of intermediary burden. The post Spin Protocol: Blockchain Solution for Manipulated Influencer Marketing appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Whilst information is the lifeblood of the digital revolution, it’s the blockchain technology and Tap Coin-like applications that have all keys to revolutionize the advertising sphere freeing it from gigantic money losses and frauds. The post Blockchain Panacea for Advertising: Top 5 Reasons for Looking Closer at TAP Coin Project appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
While cryptos are becoming replaced by new cryptographic platforms boasting broader functionalities, emergence of technology based projects, which go far beyond the creation of simple payment means, changes direction of blockchain development. The post What Comes After Crypto Currencies, or Which Crypto Projects Will Be Popular in 2019 appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Solve Care, global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and healthcare payments, is believed to change the future of the industry by supporting and encouraging an ecosystem which provides quality care and coordination throughout the globe. The post Solve.
EOS is a relative newcomer to the cryptocurrency market, however the new kid on the block could be set to make waves and change the crypto world as we know it. The post Can EOS Revolutionise the World of Cryptocurrency? appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
With debate over the crypto regulation dominating the news, Mistertango – first crypto-friendly electronic payment provider, revealed that 88% of crypto exchanges, contrary to popular opinion, want regulation, seeing it essential for industry to mature. The post Cryptocurrencies Need Regulation to Survive, Mistertango Survey Reveals appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
While trust has long been the main issue preventing institutional investors from entering the cryptocurrency market, Covesting, one of the first ever exchanges to receive a highly sought DLT license, is set to break this barrier. The post Covesting Ceo: Regulatory Compliance is a Key to Unlocking Institutional Investment appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Fractonet has started to rewrite the rules of what is possible with Blockchain and this is where the evolution of the technology takes its next step. The post Fracton Network Is A Blockchain That Works In Real Life appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Blockchain has proved to be a real game changer, which has already disrupted a number of spheres. Yet, most common challenges such as network, governance and software ones remain live.
Following Americas, "the flagship event, which has grown quickly to become the largest blockchain technology roadshow" moves to Singapore, commencing at the end of November. The post Blockshow Las Vegas Recap: What Came Out of the Flagship Event? appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Stem Cell Project has engaged a large network of skilled and experienced doctors, scientists, researchers, blockchain and AI experts, who join efforts to give everyone a ticket to the world of regenerative medicine. The post Stem Cell Therapy Meets Blockchain: 4 Ways to Make It Accessible appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
While a number of blockchain-based projects struggle to remain truly decentralized, Metaverse places strong focus on avoiding any form of mining centralization and unnecessary interference with the network following the core principle of blockchain tech. The post Sticking to the Roots: Blockchain Technology and the Growing Need to Maintain Decentralization appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Aiming to become a leader in transforming the digital entertainment ecosystem, the new Apollon Platform enables cross-chain interaction technology to allow for different blockchains' inter- connection and communication. ICO live.
Meet UnicornGO - an online game wherein users can buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed and clone mythical unicorns taking advantage of free transactions and possibility to raise money just having fun. The post UnicornGO: the First Dapp Game on the EtherZero Network with Free Transactions appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
While blockchain builds an alternative self-regulatory crypto-economy, Universa comes to solve specific tasks of the existing one. The post Universa: Digital History of Things at Cosmic Speeds appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
A new decentralized reputation and payment system Ink Protocol set to disrupt traditional marketplaces allowing users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while earning a public reputation for every completed transaction. The post Monopolistic Practices Exercised by Centralized Marketplaces Finally Defeated appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
2018 is believed to become a new branch in the development of civilization, wherein free from ideology and bureaucracy extraterritorial self-governing blockchain states will appear. The post Worldwide Crisis of the Year 2018: Tsunami that Will Sweep Through Cryptocurrencies appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
DMarket platform enters crypto gaming scene to endue real value for virtual items enabling players earn on their hobby. The post Real Value for Vitrual Assets: DMarket Merges Cryptocurrency and Gaming Industries appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
A decentralized online retail ecosystem Shopin is set to build a healthier and more rewarding retail ecosystem, which connects shops and businesses with customers without sacrificing personal data privacy. The post The Changing Face of Retail In The Age of the Internet and Decentralization appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Blockchain has proved to be a real game-changer, which already brought disruption to a number of industries. Now the technology moves to gaming offering ultimate control and most immersive experience ever.
China is serious about blockchain, and young emerging companies like NULS are forging a path. The post Who Will Win the Blockchain Race? appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Using green energy and renewable powered data mining centres on a self-financing network, GEAR is not just providing innovative solutions for cryptocurrency mining, but for green and sustainable energy in all forms. The post GEAR Set to Turn Self-sustaining, Green Cryptocurrency Mining into Reality appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
The founder of the ELVN cryptomessenger, the active evangelist of the digital market, Alex Reinhardt, talks about the state and prospects of cryptology, stating that professionalism and trust are the main components of the success of the new industry. The post Interview with Alex Reinhardt: “We are Engaged in Crypto Projects – It Fills Our Life!” appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Adrian Guttridge, CEO of BlockchainWarehouse and FinTech/InsurTech Business Advisor to Axpire, shares his insights into the key aspects of crypto converting and taxation for those willing to save some money. The post When to Convert Your Coin Post-TGE appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Enabling enterprise clients to create their own blockchain, NULS boast top quality business-ready designs, important strategic partnerships, and a supportive community, making the company worth keeping an eye on. The post Why NULS Blockchain is the One to Watch appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
In a digital ad system where end users are treated like commodities, a group of seasoned industry pros have created Zinc – the all-in-one solution geared at benefiting each actor in the online advertising spectrum (including the consumers). The post Meet Zinc: The Blockchain-Powered Digital Ad Startup Where Viewers are Players, Not Products appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Masternode crypto Deviant Coin promotes privacy, speed, and liquidity offering a secure and transparent exchange with lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and much more. The post Deviant Coin Announces Whitepaper Release for its Secure Blockchain Ecosystem appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
$45,000 have already been collected for the past three days to find out the identity of the Bitcoin Network creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The post Private Detectives from Different Countries Will be Hired to Find Satoshi Nakamoto appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
Coinspeaker reached Nick Evdokimov, blockchain investment expert and founder of ICO Box, to find out what each investor should pay attention to in a project's white paper to put the money efficiently. The post Interview with Nick Evdokimov: a Look at How Blockchain Experts Evaluate a White Paper appeared first on CoinSpeaker.
The launch of the Digitex Futures commission-free exchange will eventually enable traders get the full value of their trade, instead of giving up a slice of their profits. The post Who’s The Next Big Player In Blockchain? appeared first on CoinSpeaker.