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It s just over a week since Lendo launched its pre-ICO and in crowded marketplace where fintech startups battle for publicity, we’re proud to say that Lendo is gaining the advantage of achieving high-profile press coverage. Lendo has appeared in Forbes, Cointelegraph and Business Insider, all of which are leading business and crypto-related publications that are highly regarded for the quality and integrity of the information they publish.
Lendo epitomises emergence of Gibraltar as a blockchain country” written by highly respected tech journalist Monty Munford appeared in Forbes magazine today. In it he chooses Lendo as a ‘best in class’ example of an innovative company that will enable Gibraltar to become the ‘Silicon Valley’ of trusted blockchain investment.
Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has made a controversial statement suggesting that Bitcoin will become the world’s, and the Internet’s, single currency in the future. And he believes this will happen within the next decade.
ETH looks to institutional trading in USA#blockchain #ETH #LendoblogThe blockchain world continues to evolve at speed. For example, Consensys, a blockchain app startup is partnering with TrueDigital, an interest rate swap marketplace, to set a benchmark for ETH cryptocurrency as announced at Coindesk by Wolfie Zhao.
#Lendoblog #ELT #crypto #blockchain #cryptonews #news #bitcoin #ethereumThere are a lot of people who have decided to get involved with an ICO over the last few months. Many of them are completely new to investing, but the buzz around crypto assets has become so powerful, and its highs so alluring, that people who would never consider investing in an untested project are throwing everything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, euros and pounds at them.
Security is very much on the blockchain community’s minds these days, and the recent announcement by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that its is launching a Fintech-focused initiative called the Fintech Cybersecurity Consortium is welcome news. As reported in Security Week, the aim is to create a framework for the assessment of cybersecurity in Fintech firms and data aggregators.
Last week, Lendo’s CEO David Honeyman, joined a panel of specially selected industry experts from reputable blockchain and Fintech firms at the forum hosted by Gibfin on the five-star Sunborn Yacht hotel in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village. Lendo was also one of the sponsors of this prestigious event, which was also supported by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.
Reuters released an announcement on 26th February stating that Britain’s biggest banks are “poised to introduce money management apps” that will compete with products launched by Fintech start-ups. As the article states, the banks are betting that “their trusted brands, large client base and deep pockets” will enable them to play catch-up with the new technology pioneers and ensure they continue to dominate the way people store money, spend it and invest it.
Those of you who remember biology classes may automatically think of the scientific definition of an ecosystem, which is “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. ” But what does it mean in the context of blockchain technology?Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of the Waves Platform suggests a blockchain ecosystem is comparable to roads, in that just as there are many types of roads, there “is no single type of blockchain.
Lack of government funding for new affordable housing is a frequent story in the British press. It seems that it is also an American issue that Berkeley, California, plans to resolve by turning to the blockchain and crypto tokens as way of raising funds for its community and build new homes.
Lendo launches a ‘cash for crypto’ revolutionThe Lendo launch is set to become one of the attention-grabbing stories of 2018. And the coming year is just the start of the journey for Lendo Ltd, a UK-registered Fintech company that is expanding the conventional personal loans market by enabling the United Kingdom’s FCA-registered lenders to offer loans in fiat currencies against crypto assets used as collateral.
Smart contracts put lawyers out of workThe legal profession is often considered a ‘necessary evil’ that charges exorbitant fees and there are a substantial number of people who won’t be too upset at the thought of lawyers having less control. Sometimes you need a lawyer, but if the blockchain can provide another solution, it is fair to say that many will choose the blockchain.
An invitation from Lendo to participate in the future of cryptobankingLendo is starting its pre-ICO on 1st March 2018, but from now until then Lendo welcomes everyone to discover what it has to offer. So, we’re inviting you to go to our Lendo website, explore our videos and white papers, and then sign up.
Why Investors love ICOsBrave, a new style of Internet browser, was looking for funds to launch its new startup, its founders chose to go the route of an ICO. The founders, who came from Mozilla, were well enough known to have borrowed from a bank or sold equity, but instead they raised capital by selling digital tokens using blockchain technology.