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A Middle School principle in China was fired after staffers uncovered a cryptocurrency mining scheme utilizing school computers. Local media in China have begun to write about a foiled cryptocurrency mining scheme organized by the principal of Puman Middle School.
The New Zealand dollar token (NZDT) is set to be re-released early next year after it was suspended by the New-Zealand based Cryptopia exchange in late 2017. Local media in New Zealand recently reported the New Zealand dollar token (NZDT) will be re-released in early 2019.
According to reports, a group of 25 investors have filed a lawsuit against T. I.
One college student turned his $5K investment into $880k but now says trading “ruined” his life as he’s facing $400k in cryptocurrency taxes.   From Big Profits to a Tax Nightmare An anonymous college student recently posted on Reddit to solicit advice about what to do while they face a massive tax bill in the wake of cryptocurrency trading.
Pre-orders of purchased HTC Exodus phones are set to ship in December. HTC is hyping the technology as a viable tool for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, but many are still skeptical.
Grayscale’s Q3 2018 Digital Investment Report says the firm has raised around $330 million so far in 2018. Grayscale had raised $25.
On November 1st Tether said they have established a banking relationship with the Bahamas-based Deltec Bank & Trust Limited. Tether Limited made a few notable announcements on Thursday, November 1st.
Cryptocurrency robo-advisors like New Wave Capital continue to grow despite bear markets in 2018. Some think their popularity could rope in more outsiders to invest in digital currencies for the long-term.
A Clovr survey of 1,023 registered voters in the United States found that 60% of respondents thought it should be legal to donate crypto in federal elections. Clovr, a “company focused on promoting the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology,” has carried out a few surveys to gauge people’s attitudes about cryptocurrency.
An astute Malwarebytes forums user recently noticed that a crypto price tracker application, called CoinTicker, covertly installed backdoors in Mac computers. A recent blog post from Malwarebytes’ Thomas Reed, Director of Mac & Mobile, explains how a contributor on the Malwarebytes forum going by the name 1vladimir noticed an app called CoinTicker was secretly installing two different backdoors onto computers after download.
Berlin has become a hub for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain over the past couple of years. Berliners look set to keep the trend going thanks to an enthusiasm for digital currencies like Bitcoin.
The President of Liberland, a small self-proclaimed microstate on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia, is looking to use a new cryptocurrency called ‘Merit’ to underpin his vision for a new country.   ‘A New Type of State’ Vit Jedlicka’s vision for a new crypto-based micro-nation has taken steady steps forward over the last few years.
Leaders in the town of Plattsburgh, New York, have adopted a law requiring crypto mining operations to hold a special permit. In the meantime, a moratorium on new endeavors is still in effect.
Alex Winter’s new film, “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain,” is set for release in late October. The technology documentary is yet another movie chronicling the rise and influence of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
A non-profit called the Social Alpha Foundation is crusading to use cryptocurrency donations as grants. The grants will be awarded to entities dedicated to projects related involving social impact and blockchain education.
A group of Call of Duty players are suspected by authorities of masterminding a scheme to steal more than $3 million in cryptocurrency. The group allegedly hacked into cryptocurrency wallets after gaining access to a victim’s cell phone.
Producer DJ Khaled and boxer Floyd Mayweather have allegedly been sued over their involvement as celebrity endorsers with the Centra Tech cryptocurrency scam.   An exclusive report from TMZ said boxer Floyd Mayweather and well-known producer DJ Khaled are involved with a lawsuit claiming they participated in the Centra Tech cryptocurrency scam.
Andreas Antonopoulos recently said on Reddit that his new book, ‘Mastering Ethereum,’ is in final production after completing the copy-edit stage. Pre-orders should begin to be mailed by the end of November, with new orders shipped by December 10th.
The small Washington community of Ephrata is just the latest in a growing number of communities inside of Grant County moving to halt crypto activity. When the city council of Ephrata, Washington, recently voted to halt new cryptocurrency-related mining operations in the town for the next year.
A 10,720-foot mansion next to Manhattan’s Riverside Park is on the market for $15. 9 million dollars.
Catalan politician Carles Puigdemont is reportedly asking for donations in Bitcoin to avoid scrutiny. Funding is said to be going to assist those who have left the region after the Spanish government cracked down on an independence push.
Speculation is rife that people are selling Tether in exchange for Bitcoin. This has led to Bitcoin trading at around a $300 premium on the Bitfinex exchange.
The vast majority of colleges are still very uncomfortable with accepting cryptocurrency donations. This mindset might not change anytime soon amid concerns about volatility and taxation.
Coinbase has announced the opening of a new office in Dublin. The decision to move shop to the famed Irish city may be part of a plan to hedge Brexit uncertainty by expanding the company’s presence across Europe.
Roughly a year ago, Mumbai police accused the founder of ATC Coin Ltd. of running a cryptocurrency scam.
Christie’s recently announced the introduction of a system for recording art transactions on blockchain. The decision is just the latest example of how the tech is catching on inside of the art world.
West Virginia is gearing up to deploy a blockchain-based voting application for elections in November. The idea is being met with growing amounts of criticism from security experts and election specialists, but those spearheading the initiative are moving forward.
In Ukraine, a county bearing the brunt of rampant corruption and still trying to find its footing after a revolution, a growing number of citizens are turning to cryptocurrencies to get back on their feet. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, many Ukrainians watched in dismay as much of the area’s wealth and infrastructure made its way into the hands of a select few.
Noted economist Nouriel Roubini sounded off on virtual currency and blockchain in a recent Senate hearing. The NYU professor classified cryptocurrency as a big scam and a bubble.
Optimism has been growing concerning SEC approval for proposed Bitcoin ETFs. However, further delays for a final decision are probably going to occur.
Bitmain is well-known across the cryptocurrency community for dominating the mining hardware market. Some think the Chinese giant might be losing its edge, and a growing number of competitors are emerging to challenge the company.
Circle has agreed to purchase crowdfunding company SeedInvest. The deal could make it easier for Circle to handle tokens considered securities.
A recent survey of over 1,000 Americans hoped to glean more about attitudes toward crypto. According to Clovr, the vast majority of virtual currency investors are young, male, and relatively wealthy.
Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says Adam White, who leads the institutional platform group, is leaving the company. White was the fifth employee of Coinbase.
The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange announced that customer assets are now covered by insurance. It comes through a consortium of global insurers who were organized by Aon.
Coinbase recently announced that a Charles Schwab board member would be joining the exchange’s board of directors. Coinbase is also reportedly looking to close what could be a $500 million deal with Tiger Global.
Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has made a series of announcements concerning the Petro. Currently, the public sale for the controversial virtual currency is set for November 5th.
BitFund founder and well-known Bitcoin holder Li Xiaolai said that he is going to stop personally investing into blockchain projects. Instead, he’s focusing on a career change.
The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association says it will tighten investor protection stipulations after a wave of hacks on digital currency exchanges. Citing informed sources, the Japan Times reported the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) has agreed to revise certain self-imposed rules to keep investors safe in the wake of hacks.
The London Block Exchange said they have permission to launch a new virtual currency, the LBXPeg. The stablecoin would be backed by UK Pound Sterling reserves.
Amid market turbulence and general cryptocurrency uncertainty, some speculate fast-growing exchanges may be manipulating — or outright lying about — their trade volumes. Questions about inflated exchange volume have long plagued the cryptocurrency world.
A number of humanitarian groups and affiliated NGOs are beginning to rely on blockchain to help empower and aid refugees.   Summer estimates from the United Nations put the number of displaced persons across the world at more than 68 million.
Retail grocery giants Walmart and Sam’s Club are asking lettuce suppliers to put data about the vegetable’s supply chain on blockchain within the next year. In the wake of disease outbreaks that have amplified consumer concerns about food safety, executives at Walmart and Sam’s Club have made the decision to fight back against food contamination with blockchain.
The lively political system in Taiwan continues to foster interest, discussion, and even the use of cryptocurrencies, as more people express an interest in technological innovation.   Officials in Taiwan have taken a marked interest in virtual currency and blockchain.
Artists are bringing the digital nature of cryptocurrency to life by creating and displaying eclectic and unique pieces that draw inspiration from the buzz around virtual currency. The art world has long been regarded as a stodgy traditional institution that is merely a place for the wealthy.
A number of defense officials and armed forces across the globe are starting to look into blockchain’s potential in areas related to military activity. Militaries across the world are always looking for cutting-edge technologies to get a leg up on the competition.
As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries continue to evolve, some women are working to promote a culture of inclusiveness in a traditionally male heavy field. While the creation stories behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and underlying blockchain technology feature many twists and turns, one thing remains constant.
Over the past few days, officials at PricewaterhouseCoopers have extolled the popularity and utility of blockchain technology. Big Four auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has played a heavy role in the world of blockchain.
Debate continues to rage about the best practices and strategies needed to collectively curb carbon emissions. Blockchain tech can help.
Podcasts are becoming a popular tool for those looking for a soft introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.   Podcasting was once a relatively obscure idea.
China maintains a hostile stance on activities related to crypto assets while expressing a more open mind when it comes to blockchain. Their decision-making process could have immense geopolitical implications.
As consumer desire for palm oil continues to rise, movers and shakers within the industry look towards blockchain to solve issues related to production, accountability, and sustainability. Growing demand for palm oil over the last decade has driven a lot of new eyes towards the industry.
Many leaders in Oregon are bullish towards blockchain. They’re hoping Oregon can become a prime location for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.
As many local news outlets shut down due to lack of funding, blockchain presents itself as a tool that could help close gaps related to financial sustainability, as well as readership trust. The current era of fake news makes it easy to envision media distrust as a recent phenomenon.
Blockchain technology is increasingly being heralded as a solution to many of the problems plaguing today’s agricultural supply chain.    Many of today’s farmers are keen on embracing cutting-edge technology to help solve a variety of issues in the industry.
Cyprus’s Security and Exchange Commission is exploring options to take advantage of financial innovation while maintaining regulatory oversight over a dynamic, and ever-changing, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Due to its strategic location, Cyprus has long been a unique financial hub for Europe.
The City of Austin and a variety of other entities have partnered to work on a blockchain-based identification system. The project hopes to help the homeless keep track of important documents like identification.
Filing insurance claims and collecting compensation after a natural disaster is a complicated affair. Some companies like Etherisc are looking to utilize blockchain to help speed up payouts.
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat classified Malta’s efforts to become a crypto and blockchain-friendly jurisdiction as a “calculated risk. ” So far, work by authorities to turn Malta into a world leader for both industries looks to be paying off.
A new August survey says the number of Australians currently holding virtual currency has nearly tripled since a similar study was carried out in January. Nations like Malta and Switzerland often dominate headlines when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
Fans who visit the Dodgers vs. Padres baseball game in September will have the opportunity to download a digital bobblehead to their Ethereum wallet.
A growing number of start-ups and larger companies have begun to experiment with blockchain’s utility for solving public health crises — like the opioid epidemic in the United States. Cryptocurrencies have had a testy relationship with some law enforcement figures in the United States, who see popular forms like Bitcoin as a scapegoat for an ongoing opioid crisis.
After reports surfaced that Goldman Sachs planned to turn away from opening a cryptocurrency trading desk, the company’s CFO asserted that the information is “fake news. ” Earlier this week, media outlets reported that Goldman Sachs was nixing the creation of a Bitcoin (BTC) trading desk.
Greece’s Supreme Court has approved the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to Russia. Some think he might also have valuable information for U.
With a population of fewer than 100 people, the small Canadian mill town of Ocean Falls sits dormant in British Colombia. Some think the Bitcoin mining boom could help reverse their economic fortunes.
Tsukuba is now the first Japanese city to test a voting system that incorporates blockchain technology. From West Virginia to Switzerland, blockchain’s incorporation into voting systems has created a buzz.
Heritage Sports Holdings recently used cryptocurrency to buy a 25 percent stake in Serie C football club Rimini FC 1912.   In a historic transaction, senior figures at Rimini FC 1912 (Rimini) have agreed to sell 25 percent of the team’s shares to Heritage Sports Holdings (HSH) in exchange for Quantocoin.
Colombia looks to be the next nation on the map that, like Malta, is making a strong pivot to blockchain and virtual currencies. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds continue to expand, a growing list of nations have begun to place heavy emphasis on both industries.
A number of blockchain-focused bills have been making the rounds in California’s State government. Elected officials are working to have them signed by Governor Jerry Brown.
Despite market struggles, cryptocurrency and blockchain are in full swing across Asia, and companies looking to hire certainly have no shortage of prospective candidates. Asia: Cryptocurrency Landscape Taking Shape The number of blockchain and crypto-related startups has rapidly increased in Asia over the last few years.
A number of surveys have implied blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular within the eyes of global corporate executives. Recent data reveals how issues concerning trust might restrict adoption.