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The company may be operated by the people behind the Cryptobank UK scam. .
The Austrian regulator says the firm is offering its services without the requisite licenses.
The US regulator said Zachary Coburn had been operating an exchange without a license.
The criminals managed to make a grand total of $1000 before being caught.
The new product will allow merchants to accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.
BancorX allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies, based on the two blockchains, without an exchange.
Dash Text will allow people in the country to make and receive payments via SMS.
Users can now store their IOTA tokens in more secure wallets.
The Canadian regulator has written a guide to cryptocurrency and created a fake ICO website.
The company is partnering with AI Trader to offer the service to its clients.
The new card will allow users to make payments anywhere in the world.
Nine banks will be trying the new system, that will use a cryptocurrency for making payments .
Jacob Burrell Campos sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin to clients across the United States.
Looking beyond the hype, we examine what blockchain really means for the industry.
Politicians have approved a draft law that will force Spanish residents to reveal how much cryptocurrency they hold.
Julie Myers-Wood joins the cryptocurrency exchange, alongside a number of other senior executives, as a public director.
Regulators were speaking at the Israel Blockchain Summit alongside a number of prominent blockchain companies.
The test should give hope to DLT fans who have struggled to show that blockchain can handle large trading volumes.
Kim Byung Gun and his BK Global Consortium have invested $352 million in the cryptocurrency exchange.
With the fizzling out of the cryptocurrency craze, it's unclear if the firm will be able to repeat its performance this year.
SportyCo has mobilised US and UK investors, alongside the club's fans, to make a bid for the club.
The exchange operator will also run ads on Bidooh's digital billboards.
Scammers told their victims they needed to pay taxes via a bitcoin atm in order to avoid arrest and jail time.
The exchange had previously only had insurance for fiat currency under its custody.
The trading technology provider will be connecting SEBA to liquidity venues and providing aggregation and execution services.
Removing the get-rich-quick enthusiasts could help establish a more viable, long-term future for cryptocurrencies.
The Indian exchange has struggled to stay open since a ban on crypto-fiat transactions went live in July.
The new partnership should enable faster client on-boarding for the cryptocurrency firm.
Cryptocurrency scams have grown in number exponentially over the past 12 months.
Responding to yesterday’s $60 million hack of cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) released a statement this Friday saying it is investigating security procedures at the exchange. According to a report by Japanese outlet Mainichi Shimbun, the FSA has already started examining the user protection systems put in place by Tech Bureau – … Continued.
Fittingly, Japanese police also revealed crooks had stolen $540 million-worth of cryptocurrency in the first half of 2018.
A report from the New York State Attorney General sheds some light on the behind-the-scenes activities of exchanges.
Proper custody services could help bring more institutional players into the cryptocurrency market.
The firm has done a huge u-turn having previously disparaged cryptocurrency investment.
The french football club says the tokens will allow fans a greater say in its decision making process.
Paxos also received the green light for its stable coin this Monday.
The banking giant is the latest institution to show interest in the cryptocurrency market.
The American regulator says that there is confusion surrounding Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tracker One .
Martin Chavez made his comments just a day after a report suggested his firm was scrapping its cryptocurrency desk.
Yasuo Matsuda joins a handful of ex-institutional traders, dealers and strategists at FXcoin.
NASAA announced this Tuesday that its efforts to clamp down on cryptocurrency fraud have been successful.
The dispute resolution body will provide advice to clients of blockchain-based brokers and exchanges.
The new principle follow the exchange's launch of a range of institutional products and solutions.
The firm joins a host of companies that have launched cryptocurrency funds over the past two years.
Founded only a few months ago, the start-up enables users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in a single trade.
The exchange injected the funds from its own capital pool in order to reduce profitable traders' clawback rate .
The exchange's clawback system could mean profitable traders are left with the bill from a losing trade.
The announcement comes just 3 months after Beeks partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.
A new report suggests the asset management firm will be investigating cryptocurrency investment.
A new report suggests the asset management firm will be investigating cryptocurrency investment.
An agreement with Market Synergy should enable more institutional investors to access the exchange's cryptocurrency market.
Another outburst from the crypto enthusiast came after the SEC chairman said that cryptocurrencies are securities.
Another outburst from the crypto enthusiast came after the SEC chairman said that cryptocurrencies are securities.
The partnership comes soon after the retail broker started to use Trade. io's blockchain data verification system .
The bitcoin storage company already has a financial services license in the British overseas-territory .
Sunny Singh's new company - Van Hawke - will connect crypto and forex firms with sports teams and figures.
Users of the exchange will be able to trade in the five most established cryptocurrencies.
Abu Dhabi Global Market's proposed rules would affect crypto-exchanges and traders.