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sponsored A blockchain-based platform which facilitates in-app payments in games has forged a partnership with one of the world’s biggest game engines. A blockchain-based platform that enables gamers to make in-app purchases using cryptocurrency has forged a partnership with Unity, a major game engine – giving developers the chance to unlock new revenue streams with lower fees.
Hundreds of ways of buying crypto have emerged in recent years – and in some cases, you can get your hands on Bitcoin without parting with cash. Are there any methods which don’t come recommended?Cash in the mail is ill advised for buying crypto unless you’re only dealing in small amounts.
sponsored A blockchain network is gearing for an imminent, non-contentious hard fork – delivering flexible transaction fees and an enhanced plugin system for users. A blockchain network is preparing for the imminent hard fork to the second version of its core system on 28 Nov – with users set to benefit from flexible transaction fees and the ability to develop their own plugins with ease.
sponsored A blockchain network which can handle 40 million transactions per second is seeking to attract large enterprises – aiding mainstream adoption of the technology. A blockchain/DAG hybrid platform has unveiled bold plans to entice businesses to use its technology – and says its “unprecedented speed, scalability and security” has the potential to benefit enterprises that handle a high frequency of transactions.
sponsored A Santa-themed trading bot is giving crypto enthusiasts the chance to capitalize on volatility and hopes automation will help them sleigh in the marketplace. A cloud trading software platform argues the public has the chance to take advantage of volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace through automated trading – “maximizing their opportunities” and enabling their assets to appreciate.
The loss of private keys has seen crypto worth millions vanish – but new technology is helping enthusiasts recover wallets without compromising security. Before the internet brought us dog videos and your grandmother’s Facebook updates, losing money was a traumatic experience.
sponsored A digital money platform is offering instant money transfers with almost zero fees – and enables customers to exchange between over 30 currencies including fiat, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. A digital money platform is challenging rivals by offering instant transfers from a greater number of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and commodities – all with the ambition of reducing the seemingly endless costs and fees customers face.
sponsored A platform which hopes to speed up the closure of house purchases through blockchain technology has been legalized by Japanese authorities. A blockchain-based startup which bills itself as “the future of real estate” has announced that its project has been legalized by Japanese regulatory bodies, including the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.
sponsored A new crypto game sees players send their warriors into battle to gain experience and rare artefacts, with strategy and skill key ingredients to their success. Crypto games are all the rage right now – but for all of the talk about collectibles one blockchain startup says there’s a key element which is being overlooked: skill.
sponsored Banks have been intentionally – and unwittingly – doing business with drug kingpins and rogue nations. A blockchain network says it can help them avoid eye-watering fines.
sponsored Overseas sales for Japanese anime are rising, but revenues for creators are stagnant. A startup is embracing blockchain to help the culture survive and grow.
sponsored A blockchain-based startup says it is near impossible for small food businesses to survive, and is offering a platform to drive down costs and boost customer loyalty. Food’s a necessity for all of us – and as a result, you’d think that the restaurant industry would be one of the most resilient on the planet.
sponsored A blockchain platform which aims to improve flight safety upgrades its app for pilots and engages in “intensive interactions” with aviation authorities around the world. A fledgling blockchain-based company which aims to improve flight safety is gearing up to launch an upgraded version of its app for pilots – software that has been designed to replace the old-fashioned paper logbooks currently used by aviation enthusiasts and professionals.
sponsored A startup is aiming to woo social networks, gaming companies, payment providers and other businesses through a blockchain platform that benefits them and their customers. A startup is aiming to attract social networks, gaming companies and mobile payment providers through a “full-service platform” that eliminates the headaches associated with using blockchain technology to reach customers.
sponsored A company is creating a comic book universe for crypto with a view to educating readers, entertaining them, and establishing a new raft of collectibles. Move over DC and Marvel: a fledgling company wants to create a comic book universe where crypto and blockchain are at its center – building an immersive experience for readers with a whole new suite of coveted collectibles.
There have been many devastating exchange hacks, with billions of dollars lost. But security flaws remain – meaning it pays to be picky choosing a platform.
sponsored A “game changing” product makes mining of crypto just one click away. A platform with 190,000 users allows miners to generate income from their spare computing power.
sponsored Battle games are coming to blockchain, with a video game industry veteran launching a new title where players own, mutate, and battle digital crabs with unique attributes. An Australia-based digital entertainment company with a global audience of 350 million gamers is turning its attention to blockchain as it launches its first cryptocurrency-based web game.
sponsored An open-source protocol is enabling users to transfer value from one blockchain to another, preventing isolation and removing barriers to trading. A new protocol is allowing users to complete cross-chain transactions – meaning value can be transferred between different blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
sponsored A “made-for-gaming” cryptocurrency is leveling up by becoming a payment method in more than 500 games, 200 countries and territories, and have access to over 500 million gamers. A “made for gaming” cryptocurrency has become the first-ever altcoin to be accepted by a major gaming platform – in what is being described as good news for developers and players alike.
sponsored AI is riddled with mistakes, but a new platform believes human contributions could help this technology become more accurate and useful. Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing by leaps and bounds, with exciting new applications launching every day.
sponsored Although it is possible to spend crypto in the real world, it isn’t always easy. A new platform wants to make using Bitcoin as simple as bank cards.
sponsored A blockchain company wants to make its technology so easy that “consumers do not know they are using blockchain. ” A blockchain-driven startup believes that blockchain technology has the potential to be more than a “one trick pony designed for investors” – setting the objective of creating cutting-edge technology for fast transactions, and delivering “practical services for real people.
sponsored An AI-driven platform is trading the stock market for the cryptocurrency sector – and says its technology is on par with the machines used by billionaires. What if the volatility of cryptocurrencies could be eliminated, making crypto more of a feasible, mainstream investment?An established fintech company is working to achieve just that.
sponsored A startup has shunned ICOs and launched a platform designed to make paying in crypto as easy as contactless cards without external funding. The team behind a new cryptocurrency platform designed to transfer the way consumers and businesses are paid, says it is putting its money where its mouth is – and has managed to launch without the need for an initial coin offering (ICO).
sponsored A blockchain network is enabling anyone to create their very own coin, which can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money. A new blockchain network believes its platform offers the “next step” from Bitcoin – speeding up transaction times and giving crypto enthusiasts the chance to change between different digital currencies with ease.
sponsored A blockchain-based platform backed by Jason Derulo, Manny Pacquiao, and Michael Owen aims to allow fans to engage with celebrities in new ways. A platform enabling celebrities to “cryptonize” their popularity on an exchange powered by blockchain, while giving fans the opportunity to connect and engage with their idols in new ways, has attracted the support of several prominent stars.
sponsored Cryptocurrencies have challenges in becoming a major force in the world’s economy, but looking at history, almost every advancement has had similar issues. From bartering to blockchain, the world of money – and the way we transfer it – has never stood still.
sponsored A blockchain-based digital advertising startup is launching a hybrid ICO model inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s DAICO, where contributors can receive refunds if milestones aren’t met. A digital advertising startup with the goal of “building a better internet” for web users, publishers and advertisers is embarking on the second round of its token offering – but with a twist.
sponsored According to a software company that helps crypto investors track their trades, the best-performing portfolios hold between seven and 12 coins. A platform designed to help investors keep track of their cryptocurrency trades and the performance of portfolios has revealed some of the biggest trends they have learned during their five years in operation.
sponsored A blockchain-based “crypto arcade playground” is vowing to help game developers make decent profits without having to rely on commission-heavy app stores. For small indie game developers, the advent of Apple’s App Store and Google Play has proven to be both a blessing and a curse.
sponsored A decentralized fintech company has forged a partnership that will see its technology integrated into products offered by TD Bank, one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Hydrogen, a NYC-based business that was recently named KPMG’s fintech startup of the year has signed a public blockchain licensing deal with TD Bank – the world’s 12th-biggest bank in terms of market capitalization.
sponsored A multi-asset universal mobile wallet says it has become the first such platform to support ADA — “a digital cash that represents the future of money. The company behind a multi-asset, universal wallet that can store major crypto and smart contract tokens in one place says it has become the first mobile wallet to support the ADA cryptocurrency.
Margin trading involves borrowing money to perform trades of a higher value – and taking a position on whether the value of a cryptocurrency will fall or rise. Is margin trading available on all crypto exchanges?Most of them – but not all.
sponsored A “blockchain-fueled” social network says it wants to shift the emphasis onto interactions in the physical world – using gamified challenges to reward real-life connections. Can you remember exactly what you did on social media 10 days ago?Probably not.
Copyright rules have always struggled to follow up with technology – and blockchain is creating new challenges, as well as solving some. Are there any exceptions to copyright rules?This varies from country to country.
You can collect art, fine wines and toys in the real world — but what about collectibles on blockchain? Here is everything you need to know. What are crypto collectibles?A crypto collectible is a digital asset.
sponsored An upcoming cryptocurrency exchange says it will keep exhaustive accounting records that are regularly audited — and make efforts to comply with the regulations in their jurisdiction, along with international laws. An upcoming cryptocurrency exchange is aiming to become a leading player in Europe by 2020 — listing cryptocurrency altcoins as well as helping startups to get their Initial Coin Offerings off the ground.
sponsored A new blockchain-based platform is aiming to substantially reduce the commission streamers pay on their earnings from loyal fans and advertisers. A new, decentralized global platform is aiming to help streamers keep more of their earnings — and create a blockchain-driven ecosystem where they will find it easier to receive donations from their loyal viewers.
sponsored A new e-commerce ecosystem wants to help small merchants thrive, while giving social media users the opportunity to generate income. A startup e-commerce ecosystem is turning to blockchain to help businesses become more operationally efficient, while enabling billions of users on social media “to generate income with ease.
sponsored The team behind “one of the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets” is hoping to offer simple and easy access to millions of unbanked people. The company behind “one of the world’s most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets” says its platform offers banking-grade features to protect tokens, while ensuring that completing transactions is as simple as “sending a text.
sponsored A blockchain-based smart banking ecosystem aims to make crypto payments widespread and eliminate the risk of losing access to funds. A new smart banking ecosystem based on blockchain technology is offering an all-in-one platform for managing cryptocurrencies, fiat money and stocks — and hopes to make crypto payments practical and widespread.
sponsored A company offering “the first” decentralized machine learning platform on the blockchain says it can help businesses better predict their customers’ decisions. A company says it has created the first decentralized machine learning platform on the blockchain – giving organizations of all sizes the ability to discover new patterns in their data, predict when sales are going to be made, and increase clickthrough rates from customers.
sponsored A crypto collectibles platform is planning to open up its ecosystem to developers so that a range of new games, competitions, polls and activities can be launched. A blockchain-based platform where crypto enthusiasts can own digital collectibles inspired by public figures is planning to open up its ecosystem to developers — in the hope that new games and competitions will be added to its burgeoning marketplace.
Blockchain may be thriving, but there’s one challenge that stands in its way: scalability. Can the technology adapt to satisfy the ever-growing user demand? What exactly is the problem?Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are increasing in popularity and gaining public awareness, but there’s a risk the technology will be unable to keep up with demand.
sponsored A decentralized exchange says it is motivated by its community instead of profits and claims to offer lower trading fees than rivals. A decentralized exchange claims that its trading fees are considerably lower than that of its rivals — with a one percent fee reduced to 0.
In addition to creating new companies and opening up new revenue streams, blockchain is serving as a force for good. Here, we explain how.
sponsored An education platform has created an artificial intelligence chatbot that’s designed to help students get a “customized learning experience” before exams. A new platform is using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to address the “growing class divide” in education — helping all students access equal opportunities and unlock their full potential.
The number of donations made to charities using crypto is rising – with donors getting the chance to hold organizations accountable for how their money is spent. Can’t you donate crypto to good causes already?Yes – but not-for-profit organizations are always exploring new ways of attracting support from the crypto community, and demand is growing.
sponsored A decentralized e-commerce marketplace says it is challenging centralized rivals by offering “complete shopping protection and data security. ” A new blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace claims its centralized rivals are harming the sector by overcharging buyers and unfairly treating merchants — and plans to launch a new model, offering “complete shopping protection, data security and minimal commission.
sponsored With Japanese pop culture attracting a global audience, a blockchain company is gearing up to give fans gripping new content and a more immersive experience. A blockchain-based company says it is seeking to cater to what it calls a growing demand for Japanese culture — creating animations, music, games and movies, as international interest in this industry grows.
sponsored A blockchain-based platform is creating a cryptocurrency pegged by gold, with plans to branch out into other precious metals in the coming years. A company is creating an ecosystem where tangible assets such as gold can be traded for virtual currencies in a digital environment.
sponsored A digital cooperative community aims to give users complete control over their personal information, eliminating censorship and obstruction by governments and large companies. A major cryptocurrency exchange says the world is on the brink of a data crisis, and is launching a digital cooperative designed to give users total control over their personal information.
sponsored A blockchain-based company is creating a network of sports and health centers where members can receive discounts if they pay using cryptocurrency. A new blockchain-driven company has bold plans to establish a global network of health centers designed to help people lead active and longer lives.
sponsored A new monetary system is creating a cryptocurrency based on precious metals, with users enjoying a lifetime yield for their contribution. A new monetary system is aiming to overcome the “severe price volatility” which has made cryptocurrencies unappealing to use as tender — creating two primary digital currencies which are based on gold and silver.
sponsored An established digital asset trading platform is emphasizing the importance of “openness and co-governance” as it unveils its plans for growth. A digital asset trading platform says its “superior circulation capabilities” can help tokens thrive in the crypto world, through financial-level services that enable tokens to be issued more quickly.
Many tokens are identical and shared with ease, but there’s a special class of one-of-a-kind tokens gaining popularity. Learn more about the non-fungible future.
sponsored A startup has developed a communication protocol which allows data to be stored on the blockchain as well as transactions. A U.
sponsored Online Monero wallet says it has completed a successful security audit — addressing critical issues in order to enhance trustworthiness among users. The Monero web wallet says it has undergone a successful security review by an independent provider, with analysts concluding “a number of potential vulnerabilities” have now been fixed, with their risks mitigated.
sponsored A new cryptocurrency exchange is targeting emerging markets, with the view of educating the public about blockchain and giving millions economic freedom. An “advanced and robust” trading platform is vowing to help emerging economies embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology — in the hope that inclusion and education will bring economic freedom to the masses.
sponsored A blockchain company is starting a mining pool and introducing an immersion cooling method which reduces levels of heat generation. A startup blockchain company, with a team featuring former executives from Samsung Electronics, have unveiled plans to invigorate the way cryptocurrency mining is performed – creating an infrastructure designed to enhance profit and help blockchain technology become more prolific in everyday life.
sponsored A blockchain-based stock photo marketplace is taking on the large agencies by helping photographers license their content without a middleman. A blockchain-driven, curated stock photography marketplace is helping artists increase their earnings — by giving them the chance to connect with their buyers directly.
sponsored A blockchain-based platform is giving people the chance to buy digital collectibles of public figures, ranging from Donald Trump to Oprah Winfrey. A blockchain-based platform is giving people the chance to buy unique, digital collectibles inspired by public figures and political leaders — including politicians, such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, and media personalities, like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.
sponsored An established cosplay platform with 720,000 members is undergoing a blockchain revamp to help the industry develop a sustainable economy. A company that bills itself as the “world’s largest cosplay platform” is turning to blockchain to help the industry develop a sustainable economy — tackling issues such as harassment and copyright in the process.
sponsored The company behind the “world’s first” multi-asset, universal wallet has started supporting the EOS mainnet — and is offering the free registration of EOS account names. The company behind the “world’s first” multi-asset, universal wallet that can store multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens has started supporting the EOS mainnet — and is offering free registration of EOS account names as part of a campaign running from July 6-18.
sponsored A decentralized cloud platform’s mainnet has gone live, with the organization vowing to shift the balance of computational power away from large corporations. A cloud platform, with the goal of building a fairer internet, has made its mainnet live — allowing its growing suite of network-ready applications to offer faster and more secure hosting services for websites, APIs, apps and e-commerce stores.
sponsored A horizontally scalable DAG blockchain system is launching its “flagship” membership portal as it announces a listing on KuCoin. A horizontally scalable Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) blockchain system that aims to cater to consumer-grade applications has launched the Orion membership portal where members of its ecosystem can communicate and contribute to the network, with the company announcing its DAG token has listed on KuCoin.
sponsored A company is creating cognitive ad banners which use AI and blockchain to reward consumers with tokens – increasing engagement with advertisers. An ad exchange network is combining an artificial intelligence (AI) system with blockchain technology to tackle eye-watering levels of fraud in the industry and stop consumers from being bombarded with irrelevant ads at inappropriate times.
Blockchain could make it easier to discover the journey that agricultural products take, reduce the frequency and severity of food safety scares, and transform the industry. Is it possible to track where food comes from?Several companies have launched services allowing shoppers to see a product’s journey from farm to fork, but they often depend on retailers agreeing to be transparent.
sponsored The company argues that forging is far more effective and rational than mining technology, as it uses up less energy and doesn’t require advanced hardware. A MultiPoS consensus blockchain and decentralized real-time application platform has revealed how it plans to move away from mining technology in favor of forging — arguing that a multi proof-of-stake method is more effective and rational for its users.
sponsored A new ecosystem is creating “fair and easy access” to modern financial services for millions of unbanked people in the Philippines and other developing countries. A new blockchain-based ecosystem is vowing to help 490 million unbanked and underbanked people across Southeast Asia access modern financial services.
sponsored A blockchain-based social platform for games, music, news and video is tackling the “fractured” entertainment industry and putting content creators first. A social entertainment platform has the ambition of eliminating “burnout” among the world’s most popular content creators – helping them to produce quality broadcasts and reach millions of fans without the pressures imposed on them by current market-leading websites.
Manipulation on review sites is endemic, duping shoppers into making bad purchasing decisions. Blockchain could be the answer.
sponsored A blockchain network plans to aggregate hundreds of payment methods, connecting businesses with unbanked consumers in emerging markets. A new platform is going to allow anyone to establish their own eCommerce content store and receive payments from anywhere in the world – reducing costs for their consumers and opening the door to fast-growing emerging markets.