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Swissquote’s crypto offering is going up against local players like Dukascopy. .
BaFin issues warnings over cryptos, informing the public about various unrealistic technological claims and even scams. .
The lawsuit dubs the attacks “SIM swap fraud,” which involves thieves gaining access to mobile customers’ information. .
The deal aims to smooth things up for Genesis’ fund managers as Exante offers a regulatory experience for trading operations. .
Many brokers are still skeptical towards the crypto payments, citing security concerns and price volatility. .
This partnership will create the self-described Europe’s first venue to host traditional financial assets on blockchain. .
The statement also provides guidance for consumers who are currently storing Bitcoin Cash in Binance. .
The topic of stablecoins has been generating buzz in the crypto community for months. .
Such turnover is to be expected, anyways, as management shakeups often come with new owners. .
The dedicated crypto fund will not use derivatives or any form of leverage to achieve its objective. .
The redesigned features are the first major platform update since the group has onboarded Sebastien Donadio as CTO. .
Microsoft Azure claims to support a rapidly growing number of distributed ledger technologies. .
If confirmed, the action from UK regulators on crypto derivatives could cause further damage to CFDs brokers. .
eToro does not adhere to offering crypto CFDs, but also allows clients to actually purchase the actual underlying assets . .
It offers a cryptocurrency payment gateway designed to simplify payments with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. .
CFDs and similar speculative investments ads shrank to one quarter of all financial ads in the January-September period .
USDC goes head-to-head with other stablecoins such as Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard and Tether (USDT). .
CoinText enables users to send Bitcoin Cash directly to phone numbers or BCH addresses without internet. .
Attracting blockchain startups is seen as one way to save Gibraltar’s financial services industry after the Brexit. .
The move would be an upgrade from rules currently in place, which were first adopted by the FATF in June 2015. .
NETELLER’s allows conversion of 28 fiat currencies to virtual coins within its app, removing the need to use crypto exchanges. .
Gelfman staged a fake computer hack to conceal trading losses and misappropriation. .
Including the new funding, BitGo has raised $58. 5 million for its Series B round.
Quantreq is far from the only crypto firm to poach talents from Wall Street. .
With the addition of 0x, Coinbase now boasts six cryptocurrencies on its trading catalog. .
As regulatory pressure increases on the cryptocurrency operators, Bithumb’s move toward a decentralized environment. .
Airsoft will adopt PumaPay cryptocurrency billing protocol and the PMA token as one of payment means. .
With the latest additions, the service is now available in 27 countries. .
The ventures were established to overcome barriers that have blocked institutional investment in digital assets. .
Gemini postponed the listing of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) due to possible hard forks arriving in mid-November. .
The products aggregate the trade flow of major spot exchanges during a specific calculation window. .
The chief of the FSS says he personally feels a need to promptly push to regulate cryptocurrency trading. .
Nevada trust company will provide custody for trading venues that use OTCXN technology. .
Blockvest was touted as a new decentralized exchange for crypto assets as well as a cryptocurrency index fund. .
Coinbase first launched its in-house index fund in June for accredited investors willing to allocate $250,000 to $20 million .
Bitfinex’s banking arrangements have been unclear since it lost access to Wells Fargo's banking services in 2017. .
The project bears at least a superficial resemblance to debatable USD-backed Tether. .
The collaboration comes as the sector still lacks the same level market infrastructure available in other asset classes. .
Bitcoin. com CEO mentioned that Bitcoin Cash would be the base-currency for the exchange.
The firm continues its crypto-friendly approach, having recently filed for approval of its ICO plans. .
ESMA is largely limiting itself to taking enforcement actions against ICO operators at present. .
Given the crypto's hyper-volatility, Forbes provides ranges rather than precise figures. .
PAMM products have been a significant trading volume generator for retail brokers in FX markets. .
The judge upheld the CFTC’s determination in 2015 that virtual currencies are commodities. .
This partnership will allow Caspian’s existing customers to leverage B2C2’s experience in providing the OTC liquidity. .
These new hires from mainstream finance firms respond to the recent calls to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges. .
Dodds is not the first Wall Street veteran Coinbase hires to get advice on investment opportunities. .
The introduction of new instruments adds to the broker's rapidly expanding suite of cryptos. .
Coinbase has already announced aggressive growth plans for its newly opened New York office. .
Coinsilium reported revenues at £1. 33 million, 13 times more than the £98,000 it earned during the same period in 2017.
Bitmain IPO creates an exit for early investors as the company suffers both diminishing growth and margins. .
European regulators are concerned that inexperienced traders suffer heavy losses on the underlying and derivative markets. .
Voyager will give Ethos users the power to convert fiat currency into crypto assets and these tokens into fiat. .
AAATrade’s leap into the burgeoning cryptocurrency space mirrors similar initiatives by other FX brokers. .
If successfully implemented, a total of 30 cryptocurrencies will be quoted against XRP. .
The system, according to its founders, will support more efficient operations through a German bank account. .
Earlier this year, the search-giant took a far less cryptocurrency-friendly approach. .
Gemini kicked off its international expansion by opening in Canada in 2016, but in terms of volumes the venue is young. .
PNC Bank serves over 8 million customers and has retail branches in 19 states. .
Altonomy is trying to make crypto-investing as easy as buying the S&P 500. .
The expansion comes as OKCoin enhances its regulatory status after it already filed for a money transmittal licenses (MTL). .
Voyager will also be going up against established players like Coinbase’s GDAX and Circle’s CircleTrade. .
This bodes well for the future of the Chicago-based platform that facilitates spot and derivative trading and settlement. .
TokenLot claims it enables users to do all of their ICO due diligence and purchasing through one consolidated service. .
Ayre repackaged HempCoin tokens and promoted it as “a security backed by RMTN common stock. .
Startups wishing to execute an ICO must approach the SCA to see whether it falls under its regulation. .