1 being backed by ibm watson , the most promising a . i assistant named ‘ daneel ’ is taking shape
2 bitcoin price is heading to $ 9 , 000 while total crypto market climbs to nearly $ 400 billion
3 bitcoin price moves towards $ 9 , 000 with strong momentum , bull market
4 wikileaks claims coinbase has shut down its online store ' s bitcoin account
5 can we get a sticky in this sub that is constantly updated for stores accepting lightning payments ?
6 cryptocurrency market will get ' much bigger ': former jpmorgan banker
7 blockchain platform signs deals to boost profitability of social media influencers
8 major uae bank implements blockchain tech to prevent check fraud
9 binance signs partnership with ugandan blockchain organisation
10 i think at least everyday , wherever we spend fiat we should ask if they take bitcoin . even if we know they don ’ t .
 genesis london conference : study shows ethereum is more decentralized than bitcoin
At the Genesis London blockchain conference held in February by Binary District, Cornell professor, cryptocurrency expert, and computer scientist Emin Gün Sirer said in an interview that a study done by prestigious university Cornell has shown the Ethereum blockchain network is currently more decentralized than bitcoin. Ever since the debut of Ethereum in 2015, falseThe post Genesis London Conference: Study Shows Ethereum is More Decentralized Than Bitcoin appeared first on CCN.
 the biggest ico event heading to cyprus – featuring a stellar line up of speakers and the first ever ico battle with a live prize
The iCoin Summit which will host the world’s first ever ICO battle with a live investment is heading to Cyprus with a line-up of more than 30 well known speakers, 16 blockchain start-ups and a $250,000 grand prize.The post The Biggest ICO Event Heading to Cyprus – Featuring a Stellar Line Up of Speakers and the First Ever ICO Battle with a Live Prize appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
 technology is delivering better access to financial services . here ’ s how
Philippe Le Houérou, Chief Executive Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)Continue reading on World Economic Forum ».
Different countries from all over the world are starting to implement regulations to the crypto market. This is the case of Taiwan, that may release new Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations before the end 2018.
 is the vix being manipulated ?
A conspicuous rise in the CBOE VIX last Wednesday has reignited a long-standing debate over the soundness of the Wall Street fear index. Now, traders are asking whether the VIX is just plain broken or being gamed by holders of derivatives.
The Fed is aggressively raising interest rates, although inflation is contained, private debt is already at 150% of GDP, and rising variable rates could push borrowers into insolvency. So what is driving the Fed’s push to “tighten”? On March 31st…Read more ›.
Following Successful $40M Token Sale, Blockchain-Based Data Marketplace is Recognized by World’s Largest Technical Professional…Continue reading on Datawallet Blog ».
As bold statements are featured on Twitter about Bitcoin’s futures, we are seeing more and more crypto-related recognition across the board as the market shows signs of life again. As you know, after a dip in price, Bitcoin is on the rise again, coming up above the $8 000 mark.
As the first ever cooperated exchange between China and South Korea, Coineal is going to be launched in April! Its native token, NEAL, will be released as well with a total volume of10 billion.The post Coineal — an exchange platform that makes crypto trading easier and more interesting appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.
Reinventing the’Like’: LikeCoin Shines at Creative Commons Top Happily Empowering Creators Worldwide Bitcoin News Release: In today’s digital-first age, people that operate in the imaginative profession would certainly have been come close to at one point or one more to service imaginative web content absolutely free, currently LikeCoin, a blockchain procedure for independent content developers, which provides a mechanism for developers worldwide to be awarded for their original or derivative works. The post Transforming the ‘Like’: LikeCoin Beams at Creative Commons Top Proudly Encouraging Creators Worldwide showed up initially on Bitcoin Public Relations Buzz.
Get ready for our Pre-Sale! Bacause only 2 days left before the start of FTEC tokens sales!Continue reading on Medium ».
Blockchain has firmly secured its status of a buzzword for numerous industries. Some reported instances when simple adding of the word…Continue reading on Medium ».
Hi everyone, do you know what is DECOIN? DECOIN is the exchange platform which redistributes its profit to DECOIN holders. DECOIN is a…Continue reading on Medium ».
We are officially HALFWAY through the Trading Mama 6 Month Crypto School!!! In today’s class, we are taking time to REFLECT on what we’ve…Continue reading on Medium ».
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 discover the loom network : on the path to solving ethereum scaling issues ?
Perhaps you’ve heard of the Loom Network, but before we delve into that, here’s a snippet of the crypto market. For both aspiring and existing crypto investors, volatility remains one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, often determined by investor sentiment.